Viet’s Choice (Hong Kong)

Located at Shop 111, 1/F, Citylink Plaza, 1 Sha Tin Station Circuit, Sha Tin in Hong Kong

Sometimes, the design and architecture of a restaurant really draws you in.  For example, this restaurant called Viet’s Choice located at the Sha Tin plaza was made to look like a Vietnamese neighbourhood complete with street signs, courtyard, and paintings.  It was really cool!  For that reason, we ended up having a late lunch here.  

Such a nice place to dine : )

We ordered one House Special Pho with all the fixings, one Fried Minced Shrimp Cake & Cold Vermicelli, and an appetizer of Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls.

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls

cutely packaged into a little sack!

The steamed rice rolls didn’t arrive first which I found a little odd considering that it’s supposed to be an appetizer.  When it did arrive (after we asked the server about it), it was steaming hot and very delicious!  We liked it better than the pho and the cold vermicelli.

The House Special pho was pretty good and the raw beef was sooo soft!  The soup wasn’t as hot as it should have been though and so it took a little longer than necessary to heat up the beef.  The soup base was yummy too.

House Special Pho

jug of sauce

All during our stay, I was curious about a small jug of what looked like juice on the tables next to us.  I was curious about what kind of drink it was since almost everyone had one.  When our cold vermicelli dish arrived, I realised that the jug wasn’t a drink, it was actually a jug of sauce to mix into the vermicelli with!  What a creative way of delivering it! XD

Fried Minced Shrimp Cake & Cold Vermicelli

Unfortunately, the vermicelli wasn’t very good as it was a bit hard for my taste and not fine enough.  I had fun using that jug of sauce though. 🙂

Watercress honey drink

I also liked the watercress honey drink that came with the meal. 🙂

I’m not sure if I would return here again for food.  Only the rice rolls were delicious; the rest were just subpar.  The ambiance of the place is a 10/10, however!  Viet’s Choice has locations all over Hong Kong and China, with a location at Terminal 2 at the Hong Kong Airport too! 🙂

Viet’s Choice

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5 Responses to Viet’s Choice (Hong Kong)

  1. andy1076 says:

    LOL come on now Karen you must of known what the sauce was for, tsk i always ask for extra to go with my vermicilli pork cause the spring rolls tend to be dry a lot 🙂 looks yummy!

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