Alaskan King Crab Legs & Hairy Crabs part 2 at VHR

Located at Shop 101-102, 2/F, Uptown Plaza, 9 Nam Wan Road, Tai Po in Hong Kong

Remember last year in March (I still can’t believe it’s only been a little more than a year) when I blogged about going to this restaurant to have these amazing long Alaskan king crab legs for dinner with all of those pictures of endless crab legs for day? (Ate them in March but blogged about later in the year).  Well, during this year’s visit in HK, we went back for them again.  

We returned back to the exact same restaurant (where we also recently had those hairy crabs) and had more hairy crabs this time again.  We had more people at the table this time; hence more crabs. 😉

8 Hairy Crabs

Just look at those hairy monsters.  I opted for just eating half and sharing it. Although the first experience was a yummy one, I didn’t love them enough to devour another entire one by myself.

You eat it by opening its shell and munching on its inside and the meat in its little legs

We waited until the entire table had finished their cracking and poking and eating of the hairy crabs before we ordered the mega meal of two Alaskan king crab legs steamed in egg white again.  These monsters took a little bit of time to arrive and when they did, out came the (phone) cameras.

The one the left

The one on the right

Both together

These were our crab utensils for the night

Look! So intense.  What a feast.  Anyone who has the pleasure of sharing and eating these giant sea spiders is blessed and fortunate to eat them.  I am entirely grateful and thankful I got to. 🙂

The crab legs were thick, long, and humongous for sure.  You needed the scissors to cut through the longcrab shell in order to get at that succulent and soft crab meat.

The legs were huge!

Look at the size compared to a bowl, plate, and chopstick! 😉

This time being my second time having these..didn’t taste as wonderful as the first time.  It was still impressive but it wasn’t as memorably tasty anymore.  I loved the hot and smooth steamed egg whites for sure though.  They were so good and I ate spoonful by spoonful.

E-fu noodles to go with the egg whites

We ordered some e-fu noodles to go with it too.  I would never have put these two in a combination together but it was very tasty. 🙂

Lobster with Cheese!

My cousin was crazy enough to add one more order: lobster with cheese in a pot.  Even the server taking the order was like, “Damn, seafood feast and you’re STILL ordering more?”  I’m glad my cousin ordered it though since the lobster meat was deliciously covered in creamy cheese. ❤

What a feast!!!!!  Let’s see what next year brings. 😉

Oh, and we also ordered veggies, roasted duck, and beer. 🙂


Wet napkins are totally necessary when eating seafood like this!

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