Fresh Off The Boat!

seafood from Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat located at 404 Queen Street West in Toronto

I love fried soft shell crab and lobster rolls and have been seeing friends eat these delicious looking softshell crab sandwiches and lobster rolls from Fresh Off The Boat.  I finally got the chance to try these with my fellow food blogger friend Anh last Saturday!  

Fresh Off The Boat is a seafood joint that is known for their Asian-inspired seafood sandwiches and broccoli slaw.  They’re located on 404 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto.  Queen Street West actually has a slew of amazing restaurants including Banh Mi Boys and a sushi place that I loved recently.

Fresh Off The Boat storefront

Really modern looking place

I was expecting a really gungy and simple place where you can eat in or take-out.  The take-out part was true as you could definitely purchase and take your food out to eat, but the way the restaurant was decorated also had a simple chic look.  There were some interesting sea-related pictures on the wall, chandeliers with ropes, and the menu was framed in black and white on the wall to the right.  It was simple yet elegant.

Fresh Off The Boat interior

I really like the design of their restaurant 🙂

Fresh Off The Boat menu

Simple menu and choices

I already knew what I wanted to try.  I wanted to try their softshell crab sandwich!!!  Anh chose the lobster roll which was perfect because we could share both specialties and split them. 🙂

We placed our orders at the front and took a seat and waited for our names to be called for our orders.  They don’t have too many spots for dine-in, but the turnover is fast since most people don’t take that long to eat a sandwich or burger and leave right away.  Anh and I, after we received our food, sat there to eat and chat for a good portion of time.  It was a good spot to eat and chat since it wasn’t too loud. 🙂

The softshell crab sandwich came in a paper box with fries and a small container of broccoli slaw.  I was so excited to try it!  Anh’s lobster roll also came with fries and broccoli slaw.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll. $14.95
Maine style served with fresh cut fries & house broccoli slaw
-fresh Atlantic lobster lightly dressed in mayo with celery chives & house broccoli slaw, fresh cut fries on a butter top sliced bun

I tried the lobster roll first and I was so amazed and impressed with how fresh the lobster was.  It contained a very generous amount of lobster in the roll.  I remember having lobster roll from Rock Lobster and was disappointed with the quality of the lobster and portion.  I really, really liked this lobster roll.  I actually can’t wait to return back for more.  If it weren’t for the fact that I had the softshell crab burger, I actually might have ordered another lobster roll for myself to enjoy. 🙂   It was light and the amount of mayo dressing on the lobster was perfect.

Broccoli house slaw

Broccoli house slaw

The fries were not bad; they were a little limpy and soft.  I liked that they were covered with salt on top.  The broccoli slaw was very good and it really helped to refresh the taste buds after the salty fries and savory seafood. 🙂  No wonder their broccoli slaw is also well-known!

The softshell crab sandwich was very well made.  By peeling off the bun, you could see the entire softshell crab deep fried; you could see the shell and the crab slaw in its entirety.  It was fried well and the entire sandwich was very delicious.  I liked the spicy mayo in it!  The bun that they used was good too because it held up the entire sandwich and didn’t become mushy at all from the fried crab.  I was so happy that I finally got to try this. 😀

Softshell Crab

Softshell Crab. $15.95
-famous softshell crab sandwich served with fresh cut fries and house broccoli slaw

Fresh Off the Boat interior

See ya next time!

All in all, Fresh Off The Boat is an amazing seafood restaurant that you must try!  I now know why it’s so raved about; it simply is amazing and delicious.  Next time, I’m going to try their FOB burger, lobster roll again, and any other appetizing seafood sandwich/creation.

Have you been to Fresh Off the Boat?  What are your thoughts? 🙂

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