Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant

Hand holding a Beef Shawarma

Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant located at 8750 Bayview Rd, Unit 2 in Richmond Hill

For a quick lunch, I went to Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant in Richmond Hill.

I didn’t notice this restaurant before (right beside Starbucks and across from Loblaws) at Bayview and Hwy 7.  (Perhaps the restaurant can look into getting more traffic with better advertising and signage.)  

I ordered a Beef Shawarma to share and asked for it to be cut in half.  I asked for all the toppings except for turnips to be added in and just a little hot sauce (toppings included lettuce, tomatoes, onion, hot peppers, parsley, pickles, and green olives).

Osmow's Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant storefront

Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant from the outside

The food was made right away and served on a plate.



Toppings and Hot Sauces sheet

You can see the available toppings and how much hot sauce you want to be added

Sharwama Toppings

Sharwama Toppings

The total came to $7.46 including tax which was odd because the sandwich itself was only $6.01.  I asked the staff about it and apparently the cashier had accidentally punched in the tzatziki sauce and hummus for $0.25 each extra when I didn’t ask for it or knew that it cost extra for that to be added in.  He gave me the $0.50 back for the error.

Beef Sharwama cut open

Beef Sharwama (regular). $6.10

Beef Sharwama cut open


The Beef Shawarma was plentiful and tasted great.  The hummus made it juicy with all the vegetables in it too.  Yum!

They have a student special for a shawarma with a soda for $6.58.

Osmow's Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant menu

Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant menu

Osmow's Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant menu

Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant menu

Have you been to Osmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant before?

Osmow's Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant

You can see the rotating spit of meat there

Osmow's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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