Sushi Time in Toronto

Bento boxes

Sushi Time located at 325 Queen Street West in Toronto

After attending the SoCiAL LITE Vodka Launch Party, Mandy and I were in need of food for dinner, so we walked back to Queen Street West and into the first Japanese restaurant we saw, Sushi Time.  We were aiming for something simple and Japanese food is always simple yet delicious!  

Sushi Time is located on Queen Street West and a casual yet nice-looking place to dine in.  The restaurant looks nicer as you walk further in.

I ended up choosing a Bento Box.  It had shrimp and vegetable tempera, Bulgogi Beef, rice, Salmon and cucumber maki, and a green salad.

inside of Sushi Time

The inside of the restaurant

Miso soup to start.  It was your average decent miso soup.

Miso Soup

Miso Soup

bento box

Packed bento box!

The quality of the food here at Sushi Time wasn’t very good.  The Bulgogi beef was quite tough to chew through and wasn’t authentic Korean Bulgogi beef — I guess hard to expect much since we were at a Japanese restaurant and not Korean one.

The Green Salad was decent with the light dressing but the greens in it weren’t completely the freshest.

The tempura was good!  I liked the shrimp and vegetable temperas as they were all lightly battered and fried.

Korean Box

Korean Box. $11.50
beef ribs teriyaki, shrimp with vegetable tempura, kimchi, salmon maki (3 pcs), kappa maki (3 pcs)

I really like the salmon maki!  Perhaps I should have stuck to my first instincts and ordered some maki and rolls instead.  Ah well.  The salmon maki, as simple as it was, tasted so substantial and good.  The cucumber maki was just cucumber maki.

salmon maki and kappa (cucumber) maki

salmon maki and kappa (cucumber) maki

Mandy really enjoyed her “Golf Bento Box” though!  I didn’t finish mine and took the rest home to enjoy.

Golf Bento Box

Golf Bento Box. $9.50
-gyoza, vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, salmon mak (3 pcs), kappa maki (3 pcs)

Sushi Time exterior

Sushi Time from the outside

I’m not sure if I would return to Sushi Time again.  Their food, overall, wasn’t the best quality, and there are so many other choices to choose from on Queen Street West.

I’m grateful, however, still to try a new restaurant I had never been to.

Sushi Time Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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2 Responses to Sushi Time in Toronto

  1. gchan7127 says:

    My friend’s parents own this restaurant but I think they might have sold it… I’m actually not sure. They say business is very tough because there is so much competition around.

    • stenoodie says:

      Wow, small world!! I’d be curious to find out if your friend’s parents did sell it after all or if they still own it. I can understand the competition in that area… especially when some of their food may perhaps not be up to par.. At least in terms of what we ordered that night anyway lol.

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