Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles

Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles

Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles located at Shop 28, LG/F, Hilton Towers, 96 Granville Road in Hong Kong

Oct 1, 2016 – Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles (鐵牛台灣牛肉麵)

Before we headed off to view the fireworks for the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and do some pokemon hunting on October 1, Willa led us to Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles at Tsim Sha Tsui for some Taiwanese beef noodles.  She said that this was one of her favourite spots to have authentic Taiwanese beef noodles and she was right!

When we got to the restaurant just before 8 p.m. (located in the lower level of a Hilton Towers plaza), there were a lot of people there waiting in line for a table.  We took a number from the hostess and then looked at the menu to see what we would order and checked off the items on the order sheet to save time.

 Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef noodles order sheet

Order sheet

Once we were called for a table, we placed our orders at the cashier and paid first.  Once we got to our table, our food came shortly afterwards.  The restaurant was packed with lots of (mostly) young people that night.

 Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles interior

The restaurant was so packed!

Here’s what we ordered:

The Taro pearl milk tea (芋香珍珠奶茶) had lots of big chewy tapioca balls.  The tara flavour was quite nice too.


芋香珍珠奶茶. $28 HKD
-Taro pearl milk tea

Passion fruit QQ iced tea (百香果QQ砅冰茶)


百香果QQ砅冰茶. $28 HKD
-Passion fruit QQ iced tea

Salt and pepper snack platter (鹽酥小拼盤) had fried chicken, octopus balls, and fried yam sticks.


鹽酥小拼盤. $45 HKD
-Salt and pepper snack platter

Beef tendon in tomato soup noodles (鮮蕃茄牛筋腩麵)


鮮蕃茄牛筋腩麵. $65
-Beef tendon in tomato soup noodles

Garlic pork cartilage dry noodles (蒽燒豬軟骨肉燥乾拌麵) was quite good!  It was unique to try these dry noodles without soup.


蒽燒豬軟骨肉燥乾拌麵. $56
-Garlic pork cartilage dry noodles

Signature braised beef noodles (招牌紅燒牛肉麵)


招牌紅燒牛肉麵. $58
-Signature braised beef noodles

The food was definitely really good and authentic.  Props to Willa for bringing us here! 😀

 Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef noodles food


 Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef noodles food

Our table of food

 Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef noodles

Took this photo as we left

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Beef noodles! The one thing I can’t get enough of 😀

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