Hotel Review: Jingxi International Hotel in Changsha, China

Jingxi International Hotel

Jingxi International Hotel in Changsha, China

September 16, 2017:  For our fourth night in Zhangjiajie, Changsha in China, we stayed at Jingxi International Hotel.  This was a hotel that was very close to the tourist area with lots of shops and restaurants.  It looked so nice from the outside and had a large and spacious lobby area with lots of space and lounge chairs for guests.

Jingxi International Hotel lobby


Jingxi International Hotel lobby

Lobby facing the right side

Jingxi International Hotel lobby

Lobby facing the left side

Jingxi International Hotel key card

Key card

Jingxi International Hotel hallway


Jingxi International Hotel room

First look at the room

Our room was so-so.  The room itself was fine with a big room and two double beds.  However, the washroom was the problem area.  While it had a large counter space with a sink, the mirror above it was very nasty.  It had some rusty stains that looked like blood.  There were also two options for bathing; a stand-in shower and a tub with a showerhead.  However, the stand-in shower was very dirty and rusted at the bottom.  That night, I opted to take a shower in the tub.  Unfortunately, the drain was a little clogged so it made for a short shower in order to keep myself clean overall.  The whole washroom just felt very icky.

Jingxi International Hotel beds

Double beds

Jingxi International Hotel room

Desk and chairs

Jingxi International Hotel counter

Counter for luggage

Jingxi International Hotel bathroom

Bathroom — spot the red spots on the mirror

Jingxi International Hotel shower and tub

Shower and tub

What I loved about this room was that there was a large balcony that faced the street!  The balcony was very nice to stand in to enjoy the views of the street below us.

Jingxi International Hotel balcony


Jingxi International Hotel restaurant

Entrance into dining room where we had dinner that night and also breakfast the next morning

Jingxi International Hotel night view

Night view of hotel

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3 Responses to Hotel Review: Jingxi International Hotel in Changsha, China

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Could you guys have complained about the washroom and get another room?

    • stenoodie says:

      It’s China and a hotel in group tour lol. They won’t do anything unless there’s something seriously wrong like a giant hole in the floor or cockcoaches on the bed. It wasn’t a huge deal, just undesirable aesthetics.

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