Hotel Review: Chateau Nova Yellowknife

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel

Chateau Nova Yellowknife located at 4571 48 St in Yellowknife

February 22, 2018:  During our four days three nights visit in Yellowknife, we stayed at the Chateau Nova.  I have to say this was one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at because they had so many amenities available inside the room!  (Keep reading.)

First of all, we checked in at the hotel at around 2 p.m. after we deplaned from the Yellowknife Airport.  Chateau Nova is only about five minutes driving from the airport (but then again Yellowknife is very small in general so it takes practically no time to get from one place to another).

The lobby of the hotel was bright, spacious, and modern.  There was a grouping of sofas in the middle of the lobby with a fireplace near the reception desk and also two areas for seating with flat screen TVs in them.  There were even more lounge chairs available next to the elevators too.

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel lobby


Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel reception desk

Reception desk

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel business card

Business card

Yellowknife pamphlets

Pamphlets of local interests

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel elevators


Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel hallway

Third floor hallway

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel key card

Key card

The check-in process was straight-forward and when we entered our room on the third room, I liked it.  We had two double beds in a comfortable room that was spacious and modern and new.  Immediately, I noticed that there was a mini fridge and microwave along with the usual coffee pot too.  Yay!  When I opened the shelves, I also discovered they had a hot water kettle, ceramic large and small plates, mugs, wine glasses, water glasses, bowls, steel utensils, a plastic cutting board, kitchen cloth, a plastic tub for washing plates or fruits/vegetables, and even a mini bottle of dishwashing liquid too!  Wow, I was so impressed they provided those!

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel appliances

Everything you need in terms of appliances in a hotel!

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel items

Best and most practical items for a hotel stay

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel room

Double bedroom

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel nightstand

Floating nightstand with a safe!

The bathroom was also spacious and brightly lit.  I like how the housekeepers tucked the shower curtain into the handle of the tub.  It was a simple move that made the bathroom so much fancier than it was. ^_^

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel bathroom


Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel bathroom

Clean is most important

Of course there was also a flat screen TV inside the room.

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel window view

Window facing hotel parking lot

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel window view

Hello Yellowknife 🙂

Peet shoe dryer

Peet shoe dryer

Inside the closet, I discovered a weird looking device.  At first I thought it was a humidifier considering how dry it was in the cold climate in Yellowknife, but after I plugged it in and tried to find a spot to insert water, it didn’t look right.  I’m so glad I Googled the label on the machine because I found out that it was actually a shoe dryer!  XD  Good thing I didn’t pour any water in!  It made sense to have that inside the room due to the winter boots that would need to be dried out if they got wet.  It was the first time I had seen this device!

After we had checked in and I turned on the TV to see what was on in Yellowknife, I found that I wasn’t able to tune into the channels.  It stayed on the music station.  I called the reception desk from the phone inside the room and even though the lady tried to explain the steps to me, I wasn’t able to get the channels on the TV.  She ended up coming up to our room to show me how to turn to the channels.  I appreciated that she came up to show me but I think she was also a little exasperated to have to come up to show me.

microwave in hotel room


I really enjoyed the three nights that we spent here.  It was comfortable, I slept well, everything worked as it should have (wifi was fast, microwave worked, the mini fridge was good, TV was good), it was quiet inside the room (you couldn’t hear any neighbours), the shower was nice and hot, and best of all, the cherry on the top was truly that we had the combination of a mini fridge and microwave inside the hotel room!  Being in Yellowknife, that helped a lot because we ended up cooking half of our meals during our stay in the hotel room.  Part of the cherry on the top was that we had plates and bowls and utensils too.  It was like living in an airbnb without a stove.  Everything else was available!  (I’ve never seen plates and utensils and a water kettle in a hotel before — I’ve never seen water kettles inside western hotels; Asian hotels have those since Asians like drinking hot water regularly.)

Chateau Nova Yellowknife Hotel

Night view

In terms of proximity to the downtown Yellowknife area, Chateau Nova is about a 8 to 10 minute walk to all the restaurants and shops.  The supermarket is about a 6-minute walk.  I noticed that there were other hotels and inns closer to the downtown area, but I think Chateau Hotel is one of the biggest and more modern hotels in the area.

On the day we checked out, we also asked for a later check-out time at 12 p.m.  We were then able to store our luggage in their luggage room since our flight wasn’t until later that night.

I enjoyed my stay here immensely and do recommend this hotel if you visit Yellowknife too! 😀


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  2. gchan7127 says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen a shoe dryer before either! That’s so cool!!!!

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