Escape Room Review: “Final Destination” at Roundabout Canada

Roundabout Canada escape game

Roundabout Canada located at 2nd Floor, 330 Yonge St in Toronto

Mar. 29, 2018:  The four of us went to check out the Final Destination escape room game at Roundabout Canada!  The concept of being trapped in a real airplane for the setting of an escape room game sounded so intriguing and fun!

Roundabout Canada is located in downtown Toronto on Yonge Street near Dundas Square.  It’s on the second floor where Panera Bread is and we actually had trouble finding the entrance to the shop at first.

Heading up the flight of stairs, I was spooked out by the motion-activated toy that screamed and jumped out at me.  Haha XD

We had reserved our spot for the game online already.  I liked that we didn’t have to pay our fees yet when reserving the game online and could pay when we got there (apparently this is an option for weekday games only).  Unlike many other escape games, Roundabout doesn’t offer a discount upon checking in on social media (I did see it applicable but only for students on March Break).  I think businesses who use that as an incentive for discounts are so clever because it’s also free instant advertising for them.

Final Destination game poster

Poster for the Final Destination game made to look like a movie poster

After we signed in and signed the waiver, we put our belongings into the locker provided.  It was cute that they had a lot of escape game memes plastered onto the wall.  I thought there was little to no explanation of their escape game as in there wasn’t much fanfare or excitement from the staff when we arrived.

Our game was for the 8:55 p.m. slot.  We saw the previous group of girls who played before us come out of the room.  We had to wait a few minutes for the staff to put the room back together again before we could go in.

Obviously I’m not going to spoil the escape room by blogging about it, but we did manage to escape within the 45 minutes.  Yay!

After we escaped, there also wasn’t any mandatory photo like most other escape games to take a ‘success’ or ‘fail’ photo.  I think it completes the process of an escape game, so to not have the staff direct us towards a group photo at the end was a bit lacklustre.

Roundabout escape room

Ah, so apparently they do take photos for you but it’s $2 per Polaroid

I’m not sure if I’ll return to Roundabout Canada again to play their other rooms.  The Final Destination room was definitely the most attractive in terms of uniqueness.  At $25 or so, this escape game at Roundabout Canada is one of the more affordable escape rooms to play in.

I’d say that the difficulty level for this room was average.  If you’ve never played an escape room before, it would be above average difficulty and if you have played many, then the puzzles might be too easy for you.  With that said, I still had a lot of fun playing it!  (Also, the success rate on the day we played the Final Destination room was unknown; the staff told us that they had recently revamped the puzzles in it to make it more difficult to solve.)

Roundabout Canada escape room

Yay, we successfully escaped out of the room!

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7 Responses to Escape Room Review: “Final Destination” at Roundabout Canada

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Out of all the escape games you’ve been to, which one was your favourite?

    • stenoodie says:

      Xscaper Arts!! Their Unionville location closed down but they have a Scarborough location that I haven’t visited yet.

      What about you, Grace?

      • gchan7127 says:

        I’ve only been to one in my life. :(. I will try more this year!! The one I’ve been to was ok. It’s called “Captive Rooms”.

        I know you’ve been to so many!! One day I would like to try the Casa Loma one! I recalled you mentioning how they use real actors!!! Why did you like Xscaper Arts the most?

      • stenoodie says:

        Yep, try more this year. Why did you think “Captive Rooms” was just okay? Was it a single room game or multi-room game?

        Yep, they use real actors in it. It was pretty neat.

        I loved Xscaper Arts the most because they had a lot of high-tech elements in it! It was so new to me and it was so thrilling to play! We escaped as well. 😀

      • gchan7127 says:

        It was very interesting but it wasn’t a “WOW” experience. lol my friends who had done escape games before said it was average. I heard the ones from Omespace (not sure if I spelled it right) are very interactive and high tech. Haha. This one is not high tech but the puzzles were interesting. (I also chose a haunted death mystery so I have scared to death because we were in an attic lol)

      • stenoodie says:

        I think the fun factor matters a lot depending on it’s a single room game or a multi-room game. After playing a multi-room game, I never want to go back to single room games.

        I liked Omescape too. It also has high tech elements but I thought that the one in Xscaper Arts was better. 😀

      • gchan7127 says:

        We were in the attic but there were three separate rooms in the attic. It was so freaky. It doesn’t lead you to another room though. We had to exit room A to get to room B. It was soooo freaky. I am a chicken so I shouldn’t do anything haunted related next time. Haha.

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