Social Fundraiser at VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade

VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade

VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade located at 7181 Yonge St Unit 31 in Markham

April 8, 2018:  This was my second time playing in a virtual reality experience (the first time at the Gentlemen’s Expo).  The Toronto Trillium Lions had organized this social fundraiser at the VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade located at Shops on Yonge to raise money for Doctors without Borders.  It was a great event to spread word about this charity and also have a social activity involving virtual reality games.

After a brief introduction about the club and recognizing their members, we partook in about an hour and a half session of virtual reality games.

VR Zone

Pamphlets about Doctors without Borders

VR Zone

Mingling pre-event

VR Zone

President of Toronto Trillium Lions

The first one I tried was a ping pong game and it was quite hard to actually hit the ball!

ping pong in virtual reality

Playing ping pong in virtual reality

I really enjoyed the experience games where I got to act as a cook, store clerk, and office worker.  XD.  These were so fun because you could actually mess up the game a little bit although I think only Ken and I were silly enough to do these. 😀

 VR Zone virtual reality games


There was a fruit ninja game and multiple shooting type games.  I still liked the experience ones the best.

 Cooking in a virtual reality

Acting as a cook

We got treated to a free pizza lunch at the end of the session and saw a donation of $1,200 go towards Doctors without Borders.

Thank you VR Zone for having us and for the Trillium Lions for organizing another successful event! 😀

VR Zone


VR Zone storefront

Located at the Shops on Yonge plaza

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4 Responses to Social Fundraiser at VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade

  1. gchan7127 says:

    I think VR is so cool!!! I’ve tried it once at “The Rec Room” before. Then I tried it again at a friend’s place. I shot ducks and it was interesting. However, when he wanted me to try the google earth, I was so dizzy! I think I get motion sickness/dizziness…

    • stenoodie says:

      Oh wow I still haven’t been to the Rec Room! Ken says their VR is pretty good. VR is such an interesting game concept… will have to see how it evolves in the coming years. 😮

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