Cheese HK Style Egg Waffles at Eggette Hut

Eggette Hut

Eggette Hut located at 3255 Highway 7, Unit 36B in Markham

April 8, 2018:  We swung by First Markham Place and tried the HK style egg waffles from Eggette Hut (蛋仔蜜語)!  I knew this place was new when I passed by it in January of this year and at that time the hype hadn’t hit the Instagram feeds yet.

For a Sunday afternoon, they were very busy and it took 10 minutes to wait for our egglette to be ready.

Eggette Hut is an exclusive HK style waffle house with a few drinks on their menu to serve up a la carte or as a combo.

Eggette Hut storefront


Eggette Hut storefront

Lots of people waiting in line

Eggette Hut flavours

Nine flavours currently

They have flavours like matcha, banana, strawberry, durian, orange chocolate, and cheese!!

Of course I wanted the cheese one. 😀

Eggette Hut staff

Watching these girls make the egg waffles

Upon tasting it, the egg waffle was perfectly crispy on the edges and well done.  I had been watching the girls make the waffles and ours came out nice and orange from the cheddar cheese.  However, it turned out they used cream cheese in each of the bubbles…. I would have preferred a real cheese like cheddar or mozzarella for a more gooey consistency.  Cream cheese is like a fatty fast convenience cheese.  It was creamy all right, but lacked a real cheesy flavour.

 Cheese eggette

Cheese eggette. $5.31

 Cheese eggette

Crispy edges

 Cheese eggette

Clumps of cream cheese in each pocket

This cost a flat $6 after tax.  These are definitely premium egg waffles!  (Their original flavour costs $4.)

 Eggette Hut in First Markham place

It has replaced a former bubble tea shop at First Markham place

Eggette Hut Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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