Yummy Sichuan Food at Do Eat Chinese Restaurant

Do Eat Chinese Restaurant located at 550 Hwy 7 in Richmond Hill

April 10, 2018: I had such an amazing dinner here that was so fitting for my taste buds! 😀  Every month at a certain time time of the month no matter how hard I try to eat clean and more veggies, I have an intense craving for salty and MSG-laded foods or fried food.

It was the end of a workday and even though I wasn’t massively hungry, I knew I wanted to eat out for some savory food.  We arrived at Do Eat Chinese Restaurant and it turned out to be a Sichuan restaurant, one of my favourite cuisines!

Do Eat Chinese Restaurant menu cover

Fancy menu cover

Do Eat Chinese Restaurant interior

View from our spot in the restaurant

We ordered three items to share.  I have to note here that the service was truly exceptional and over the top.  The server flipped over the cups for us poured tea for us when we sat down.  She changed my plate when it was a quarter full of chicken bones and when our plate of noodles arrived, she served it into our bowls for us!  She also brought over extra chopsticks and napkins without us asking.  Wow.  This kind of service, especially for a small Chinese restaurant, is foreign territory to me!

Saliva Chicken

Saliva Chicken. $8.99
-steamed chicken in hot sauce

Anyway, the “Saliva Chicken” arrived first.  This was “Steamed Chicken in Hot Sauce” for the plain reading of it.  For an appetizer portion at $8.99, I was so impressed with the size of it!  There were so many large pieces!  The chicken thigh meat was so tender and perfect!  It was surprisingly not as spicy as I thought although the chicken was immersed in the hot oils.  It was only until you got to the bottom that the spicy oil was more fragrant but still it was a very tasty form of spice.  It was so delicious! 😀

Intestine in Pot

Intestine in Pot. $12.99

The Intestine in Pot arrived in a small wok heated over a flame.  It reminded me of the braised spicy mala rabbit meat I had had years before (at a restaurant at First Markham Place but which has since been closed) because the presentation was the same.  This was fried pork intestines with peppers, garlic, and onions.  It was so fragrant and again a super savory dish.  It would have paired so well with steamed rice actually but we had already ordered a noodle dish too.  The pork intestines were delicious!!  There was a lot of it too in the seemingly small wok.

Intestine in Pot

The mini wok was kept warm with a small flame

I’m not sure why I missed the “fried” in the “Fried Sliced Noodle with Lamb, Shrimp” dish.  Since the Chinese description of the dish said “hand sliced” noodles, both my mom and I assumed it would be a soup noodle because that’s usually how hand sliced noodles are prepared to be served.  Thus we were surprised when it was a plate of fried noodles.

Do Eat Chinese Restaurant noodle menu

Noodles menu

Fried Sliced Noodle with Lamb, Shrimp

Fried Sliced Noodle with Lamb, Shrimp. $10.99

Mmm, again this was really good and so savory and spicy too!  The hand sliced noodles were coated with the sauce and also had peppers and onions too.  The lamb meat was so tender and juicy.  There were just a few small shrimps in the mix.  I really enjoyed this noodle dish!

For a Tuesday workday evening, there weren’t too many guests here at first.  I’m glad I found another great restaurant for Sichuan food! 😀

Do Eat Chinese Restaurant storefront


Do Eat Chinese Restaurant storefront

Side view

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    Wow that’s very amazing service for a Chinese restaurant!

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