Tuina Massage at CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic

CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic storefront

CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic located at 21 Fairburn Dr, Unit #19 in Markham

April 12, 2019:  I found another amazing massage parlour!!  This one, called CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic (名仁养生馆), is super close to me too!  (It’s located in the cluster of store units at Rodick Road and Highway 7; right behind First Markham Place.)

After an arduous nine days and nights of doing 31 hours of transcription work, my body was letting me know that it was sore in my lower back, forearms, and buttocks area, and I severely needed a body massage to loosen all my knots and sores.  My usual massage places were already booked up, so I searched up the closest available massage parlours on Groupon.  To my delight, the first place that I looked at (which had an amazing deal of $37 for a 60-minute massage) had availability for me to pop in an hour after I had called.  Yay!

I arrived promptly for my 7 p.m. massage time and checked in with the receptionist who was very friendly.  She spoke fluent Mandarin but also good English.  She took down my Groupon voucher information and then showed me to the room for the massage.

CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic has a number of individual rooms down a hallway available for massages or reflexology sessions.  The entire place was very clean, bright, and spacious.  I used the restroom before my massage and the restroom was also clean and had a shower too.

I got changed inside the massage room and snuggled underneath the sheets face-down to await the massage therapist.  The receptionist actually didn’t instruct me on how to do the lie-in.  If I hadn’t done so many massages in my life, I probably would have needed instructions.  I didn’t pay much attention to this lack of instructions though.  Within a few minutes, the female massage therapist knocked on the door and entered the room for my 60-minute body massage.

(I noticed that the ceiling of the room contained two rods.  It was a good sign to me that this was a legitimate and authentic massage parlour since lower grade massage parlours usually don’t have the back-stepping massages.  The massage therapists have to be quite skilled in order to even attempt massages involving stepping on the client’s back.)

Long story short, I was so, so impressed with this massage!  The massage therapist was so incredibly skilled and knew exactly what to do with my sore body.  She asked me two times in the first couple of minutes whether the pressure was good enough, which I responded affirmatively, and then throughout the rest of the massage she just worked on me silently.   (There was nice soothing music in the background.)  She didn’t skimp out on any part of my body and really dug into the right places that were sore without me needing to tell her where they were.  She had so much strength in her hands and fingers.  Needless to say, she was also very professional.

She was so thorough in each section of my body that I really thought that she was going to go overtime.  I didn’t think there was any way that she could cover so much within the 60 minutes!  However, when the truly blissful and most effective massage I’ve had since the Hong Kong one at Cheerful Foot Spa Centre ended and I looked at the time, she really did work on me for only an hour.  I was shocked.  The massage really felt longer.. like it was two hours!

At the closure of the massage, she made sure to wipe me down with a hot towel to rid of all the excess oils/lotion too, which I appreciated.  It was seriously the best massage I’ve ever had to date in Canada!  Before the massage therapist left the room for me to change back into my clothes, I made sure to ask for her name, which I learned was Lisa.

After the massage, Lisa brought me a cup of warm water (always necessary to facilitate detoxing after any massage).  I also paid the $6 tax at the counter (since Groupon deals don’t cover the tax).  The receptionist asked me whether I wanted to leave any tip and I definitely tipped for the most wonderful massage I had just received.

I looked at their price list which was actually extremely reasonable.  It made me want to go back immediately to book one of their massage packages.  I can’t wait to come back!

CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic prices

CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic prices

I also learned afterwards from talking to the receptionist that they have a total number of seven massage therapists on staff!  They have six female massage therapists and one male massage therapist.  Seven is quite a lot!  This fact also impressed me as I’ve come to conclude that the massage parlours that have more massage therapists on staff tend to give better quality massages (the staff can’t slack off because if they do, they could be replaced).

Their business hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for all seven days of the week.  This is awesome because it means I can book a massage all the way until 11 o’clock at night (which is so convenient for spontaneous drop-in sessions after a busy work day).

I’m seriously so excited to come back.  CBQ has very high online reviews, and I just hope that the great massages continue on my next visit too.  If so, I’ll be a very happy and loyal returning customer.  I’ve been looking for a new good-quality reliable massage parlour for a while, and if the next visit goes well again, CBQ Health & Wellness Clinic could very well be my go-to spot for loosening knots from now on.


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