Reflexology at Cheerful Foot Spa Centre

January 11, 2019:

When looking for Tim Ho Wan the other day, we passed by a lot of ground level foot massage places. We prefer ground level massage places rather than ones where you have to go upstairs to a second floor or higher because you never know what goes on in unseen places (or so I’m told). We wanted to get a reflexology session to ease our sore feet and legs after walking nonstop each day so far on this trip.

We retraced our steps back to the dim sum restaurant in hopes of encountering the same foot massage places we saw previously. By chance, we encountered Cheerful Foot Spa Centre (知足樂). Their prices were listed clearly in English and Chinese outside. Their door was slightly ajar. We weren’t sure if they were open for business or not but decided to give it a try.
Upon opening the door, two ladies in a living room type of space was in the middle of servicing an elderly woman. There were several big armchairs and a TV showing a Chinese show. It seemed like a trustworthy and safe environment.
We asked for two 45-minute reflexology sessions ($130 HKD each), upon which we were asked if we could wait 15 minutes for them to finish up the customer they had first so that we could be serviced together. We were totally fine with this. We relaxed in the big armchairs, pursued their free wifi, and had some warm water.
When it was our turn, we first received a shoulder massage while our feet soaked in a basin of hot water. After 5 minutes of shoulder massage, she worked on each of my feet and then my calves and thighs. The masseuse who serviced me was very strong and it seemed like she had done this many times. There was definitely pain in the spots that she went over, which is a good sign. However, it seemed like she didn’t really pinpoint specific areas of the “body” on the feet and just did the same overall motions. The massesue servicing my mom seemed even more experienced and skilled, however; pressing the right spots which successfully eased the tension that my mom had.
Both of the masseuses were timely and gave us the full 45 minutes. My mom started before me though, so she did get a few more minutes. In fact, her masseuse was so good that she decided to do an extra 45 minutes therapy to further loosen the knots in her legs. Her masseuse tackled the right areas and said that a full body massage was what my mom needed to completely ease the tension. However, a further 45 minutes on the legs and thighs was still helpful. Her masseuse was referred to as “68”.
We’re planning to come back to try their full body massage. When I passed by their other rooms to use the restroom (which was very new and clean by the way), I saw one of the masseuses stepping on someone’s back XD. They know how to so those types of massages here too it seems. I’ve never seen it before in real life.
We saw so many other customers finish their sessions coming out from the other rooms. They have a lot of masseuses on site. They had an 82-year-old who came weekly for 4-hour massages for the past 15 to 20 years. She didn’t look her age at all and in fact only looked around 60 years old. They have a lot of returning customers, which speaks volumes about their quality of service. How lucky we were to serendipitously stumble upon this gem!
($130 HKD for a 45-minute massage was so cheap! It’s only about $22 CAD.)



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