Tako Sushi (teppanyaki version)

Located at 30 Bristol Rd E, unit #1 in Mississauga

I tried teppanyaki for the first time yesterday!  It was kind of unexpected since my friend brought me there for lunch after some errands.  I wasn’t complaining since I’ve always wanted to try this type of food.  It’s basically a Japanese cuisine where you and your party sit in front of the grill and a chef will flame/grill all of your food right in front of you.  It’s a show and a meal!  Something I always like. 😀  The first time I’ve seen this was on TV.  Needless to say, I was also very excited. 😀

The three of us entered Tako Sushi (Mississauga location) and were seated right in front of the iron griddle.  I had a good spot right in the middle as I planned to take pictures while the chef was grilling the food.  Naturally. 😉

The teppanyaki lunch sets were extremely reasonable and even kind of a steal!  For just $9.95, you could get a full lunch with a mixed spring salad, miso soup, 3 California rolls, 3 cucumber rolls, a bowl of rice, a shrimps and scallops appetizer, teppanyaki mixed vegetables, your choice of grilled meat, and ice cream to finish!  It was very worth it.  Since we were a party of 3, we chose three different lunch sets so that we could try three different meats.  We chose the strip loin steak, marinated black cod, and fillet of orange roughy. 

The salad and soup came first, followed by the six rolls.  All of them were pretty good and decent sized.  I watched the chef slather oil on to the grill and expertly grill each item in a spectacular presentation using his grilling tools.  Haha, don’t know what they’re called. 😛  It was nice to eat and watch him cook everything right in front of me.  I knew exactly how much salt and flavouring stuff he was putting on it.  Not that I really care about it, but it was still cool.

My favourite was the black cod since it was very juicy and flavourful.  The strip loin was also done very well since we had asked for medium rare.  It was pink in the middle and also very juicy.  He sure knew how to grill a steak!  The orange roughy wasn’t as good in comparison to the cod. I also really liked the grilled shrimps, scallop, and vegetables.  Everything was pretty good!  Especially considering the price lol.

Oh!  And when he was ‘teppaning’ the vegetables, he made the onion into a little volcano like I’ve seen them do on TV and set it on fire.  It was cool. 😀

Dessert was a choice of mango, red bean, and green tea ice cream.  I chose the last one. 🙂

The service here was excellent and the food was really good and worth it.  I recommend it.  They also serve regular sushi rolls and sashimi here too.  Alas, I didn’t get to try their other menu items.  Maybe another time. :]

I would love to visit another teppanyaki restaurant in the future.  I know there’s at least a couple near me.  I just need to get a few friends in tow and try out the next place. ^_^

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8 Responses to Tako Sushi (teppanyaki version)

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Looks like a lot of fun, and I sure love sushi made right in front of you…


  2. Joyce says:

    Welcome to my hood! I used to live at that intersection. You should try Prince Sushi in Etobicoke (Eglinton Ave W and Spectrum Way). It is absolutely to die for. I will gladly take you there! ❤

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