Fav Café (West Beaver Creek) [Relocated]

Fav Café located at 280 West Beaver Creek, Unit 31 in Richmond Hill

My friend Katy and I caught up over some lunch on the weekend at Fav Café (鍾意坊). Recently, I had been chatting with a foodie friend and he recommended this Hong Kong style cafe to me, saying that it was one of the best places he’s been to in the city for some good quality affordable food.  I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of this restaurant even though there are so many Hong Kong style cafes in the Markham area and was definitely intrigued about it.

Katy and I were there just after noon on a Sunday day; the first official day of spring!  Fav Café is located at the plaza at West Beaver Creek Road and Highway 7 in Richmond Hill where there are a host of many other restaurants like Jim Chai Kee Noodle, Golden Court Abalone Restaurant, and Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant.  It isn’t a big restaurant at all with probably only ten big tables that can split up and seat 30-40 at most.  They had a lunch menu which we chose off of.  Their lunch menu included Hong Kong style specialties with a complimentary drink.

Lunch Menu daily 11-5 pm

Baron had recommended the Fish Fillet Baked in Dill Rosé Sauce so I tried that one and chose rice to go with it (you could choose rice or spaghetti).  Katy chose the Crispy Pork Chop with Sweet Tomato Sauce.

While we were waiting, we were served our complimentary drinks.  I got the hot lemon water while Katy got the hot lemon tea.  It was really a nice place to chat and catch up.  The food seemed to take a longer time than on average to come out.  This was perfect because we were able to catch up nicely without chewing in between.  However, I think if I was here on a first date or with someone that I didn’t know well, it could have been a little awkward having so much wait time in between. XD

Fish Fillet Baked in Dill Rosé Sauce with Rice. $11.95

My Fish Fillet Baked in Dill Rosé Sauce with Rice arrived first.  In addition to the dill rosé sauce, there was definitely cheese baked on top of it too.  It smelled really great.  I found the combination of dill rosé sauce with the cheese to be so delicious!  No wonder Baron recommended this dish.  It was definitely tasty.  The rice grains were smaller than I was used to.  I thought that there could have been more fish fillets within the dish however.


Crispy Pork Chop with Sweet Tomato Sauce with Rice. $9.95

Katy’s Crispy Pork Chop with Sweet Tomato Sauce with Rice was quite a sight to see!  I had never seen a pork chop with rice presented so fancy like this before!  It was like a food art!  I loved this.  The strips of crispy pork chop were balanced on top of the rice and covered with narrow strips of scrambled egg.  The sweet tomato sauce was in a pool all around the island of rice and pork chop.  Again, I loved the creativity of this. 😀

I tried the crispy pork chop and liked how crispy it was.  The sweet tomato sauce was also tomato-y and reminiscent of teriyaki sauce too.

I couldn’t finish my baked rice with fish so I packed it home (a box cost me 50 cents lol).

Small cafe located at West Beaver Creek and Highway 7

I believe I will return again to this restaurant.  Baron also mentioned that their Red Wine Braised Oxtail and Hainanese Chicken Rice were also very delicious.  In addition to classic Hong Kong style dishes, they also have some Indian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Western dishes too.  I would love to try their other dishes and I also have a feeling that their other dishes are presented just as creatively as the crispy pork chop dish too!

Have you been to Fav Café before?  What was your experience like? 🙂

Fav Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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