Chiu Chow Boy

Located at 3261 Kennedy Rd in Scarborough

Being backlogged on my stenoodie food blog posts means that I sometimes go to a restaurant again before I have even blogged about it the first time that I stepped foot inside.  This happened to Chiu Chow Boy recently!  I first stepped into this restaurant when I was a young child and really don’t remember much about this restaurant.  However, if you know that a restaurant has that much staying power to be there in the same location for over 15+ years, then you already know that they have some good stuff.

Recently, a six of us came here for food after a meeting/training.  We ordered some Chiu Chow classics like oyster congee, oyster omelet, marinated duck, and more to share!  Yum!  Everything was really good. ^_^

Pork & Oyster Congee (large). $8.99

Oyster congee is different from traditional Chinese congee since the rice grains are not cooked to a mash and you can see all the separate rice grains, diced oysters, chives, and soup.  It’s really, really tasty and perfect for when you are feeling dehydrated since you are eating solids and drinking soup at the same time.  They made it really well here!


Marinated duck (half). $11.95

Marinated duck is a certain classic dish to order at a Chiu Chow restaurant.  The dish comes with a dish of vinegar that you use to dip the duck slices into.  It’s very hard to describe the taste but it certainly brings out the flavour when duck is prepared like this.




Another favourite is the oyster omelet.  Basically, I love anything egg and scrambled, so this was very delicious especially with the vinegar that comes with it for dipping also.

Fried Oyster Patties. $9.50

Yet another favourite among everyone was the XO fried turnip patties.  These are very delicious since the inside of the turnip patty is soft but the outside is crunchy and seasoned with XO sauce.  These are so good!

XO Fried Turnip. $6.99

We also ordered an satay beef with noodle that was a little spicy.  The beef slices were so tender and delicious!  Yum!!

Satay Beef With Noodle

Lastly, we had a fried rice.  It was yummy as well. 😀

Fried Rice

I didn’t take any pictures of the food that arrived at our table when we went to this restaurant most recently — we had 11 people at the table and ordered mostly the same dishes.  Everything was delicious just like last time. ^_^

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4 Responses to Chiu Chow Boy

  1. andy1076 says:

    I love love love this type of food, especially with pork ‘n century egg congee :9

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