Mi-NE Japanese Restaurant

Located at 10815 Yonge St in Richmond Hill

A little simple lunch with a simple hang-out with a friend:  Jenny and I had sushi at Mi-NE Japanese Restaurant last week.  It’s a restaurant that has a location in Richmond Hill (and apparently is not linked to the locations in Markham, Aurora, and downtown*).  It has garnered fairly high reviews online and is worth checking out.  

We ordered a lunch combo each.  There’s not too much to say in particular about the lunch since it’s primarily just sushi and sashimi.  It’s your basic Japanese bento box/lunch combo.

Miso soup & green salad that comes with the lunch combo

I liked my selection of sushi since the assorted nigiri sushi was soft and fresh.  The spicy salmon rolls were huge!  It was still possible to fit a whole one into your mouth but you really had to make sure your mouth was kept closed to chew it all down.  This provided lots of breaks and pauses during our chat to allow the big sushi rolls to be devoured.  Everything was really fresh and presentation looked great too.

Sushi Combo Lunch. $11.95
-7pcs of assorted nigiri sushi & 6pcs spicy salmon roll

I tried the California roll from Jenny’s lunch and it was really good!  The ingredients are yummy and fresh.

Sashimi Lunch. $13.95
-13pcs assorted sliced raw fish and 2pcs california roll & rice

All in all, Mi-NE is a nice Japanese place for sushi and rolls.

*(While researching about this restaurant, I noticed that this Richmond Hill location doesn’t seem to be linked to the other three locations even though all of them have the same name.  Does anyone know if this RH location comes from the same owner as the other 3 locations?  Actually, this RH location restaurant has a different website from the Markham/Aurora/downtown Mi-NE, so it must be a different owner, but then why are the restaurant names the same?? )

*Upon further research, it seems the difference is in the Mi-NE versus Mi-Ne.  This is all very confusing.  I also noticed that this RH location restaurant refers to themselves as simply “Mine” on their website but also refers to themselves as Mi-NE on the top of the browser.  So which one is it?

Mi•Ne Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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10 Responses to Mi-NE Japanese Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    Looks colorful and fresh indeed! I love how tidy and clean everything is in the bento box 🙂

    what an interesting location for a sushi place though, looks like a very business’ish area 🙂

  2. Did you have their rolls? Don’t you find their rolls are pretty big compared to other Japanese restaurants?

    • stenoodie says:

      I did! I had their spicy salmon roll and yes, they were huge! Did you see my comment about how I had to chew and chew and chew it down before my mouth was available to chat again? Lol. That’s one thing I didn’t like too much about the rolls. Otherwise, the spicy salmon itself was great!

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