Media Tasting at True True Pizza

True True Pizza display

True True Pizza located at 456 Queen St W in Toronto

True True Pizza just opened their newest location on the ever popular Queen Street West near Augusta Avenue (456 Queen St W) in Toronto!  The very first time that I tried a bite of True True Pizza was a year ago at the Union Summer Food Market with Grace when she had ordered their Artisan Pizza.  I remember how thin the crust was and that I liked it.

True True Pizza offers a variety of specialty pizzas, gourmet salads, and sandwiches.  Their pizzas are made to order with fresh ingredients and and baked in just two minutes.  You can choose from their signature pizzas or create your own customized one.  Their pizzas are uniquely shaped in a long oblong shape.  They also offer a choice of gluten free dough!

True True Pizza Queen storefront

True True Pizza on Queen Street West

True True Pizza Queen sign

Their pizzas are definitely in a very recognizable shape!

True True Pizza Queen interior

Dine-in seating available

The jojoinstameet media tasting began at 6 p.m. and since I was running late, when I got there, the media session was already in full swing.  An array of their personalized pizzas, salads, and sandwiches were put on display and all the instagrammers were already putting their skills to work and highlighting the food in the best light (literally).  The pizzas all looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to taste it! 🙂

True True Pizza salads


cold drinks


 True True Pizza food display

Photos of the items on display

 True True Pizza new pizzas

Their three newest pizzas! Names not released yet

After the food photography session, Joanna welcomed us to the tasting officially and the two owners of True True Pizza gave a brief introduction about their store and mission statement.  True True Pizza is about “being true to yourself” and thus they use fresh ingredients to provide as “true” of a pizza as possible (my words and summarized).

 True True Pizza food event

The two owners of True True Pizza and Jo speaking

After this, we were free to order any pizza of our choice to try.  On their menu, they had nine types of Signature Pizzas available for selection.  You could also Create Your Own pizza by choosing the type of dough, sauce, cheese, vegetable, protein, and finishes too.  One look at their ingredients told me that everything was very fresh!

 True True Pizza menu and prices

Pizza menu and prices

 True True Pizza menu and prices

Salads and sandwiches menu

 True True Pizza counter

The pizzas are made fresh to order

 True True Pizza ingredients

Look at all those fresh ingredients!

I was happy to order their Signature Pizzas in order to try out their creations.  I decided to maximize my options (lol) and try two of their Signature Pizzas — the “Hunt & Peck” and the “Blue Sally”.  I watched as the servers carefully made each pizza.  They were very generous with the toppings too! 🙂

In just two minutes, our pizzas were ready from the oven.  It smelled amazing.

"Hunt & Peck" and the "Blue Sally"

“Hunt & Peck” and the “Blue Sally”

The Blue Sally pizza

The Blue Sally
-classic tomato sauce, fior di latte, blue cheese, napoli salami, pickled red onions, fresh parmesan

I really enjoyed my half-half pizza!  The Blue Sally included a classic tomato sauce, fior di latte, blue cheese, napoli salami, pickled red onions, and fresh parmesan.  With three types of cheese, my pizza was exactly what I wanted with lots of cheese (can you tell that I like cheese? :P).

I really loved the thin crust.  The crust wasn’t too crispy either (I’ve had a pizza recently where the crust was so crispy that it tasted like I was eating a cracker).  This pizza was very good.  The three types of cheese blended together to create the perfect strong taste of cheese — the blue cheese was the winner here.  The classic tomato sauce was a great pairing too.  The napoli salami was very thin and thus made it easy to eat with the rest of the pizza.  Mmm, I’m so glad that I chose this one!

The Blue Sally pizza

Gooey cheese!

Hunt & Peck pizza

Hunt & Peck
-spicy tomato sauce, fior di latte, spinach, chorizo sausage, farm eggs, fresh parmesan, chili oil, cracked black pepper

The Hunt & Peck included a spicy tomato sauce, fior di latte, spinach, chorizo sausage, farm eggs, fresh parmesan, chili oil, and cracked black pepper.  I really liked the look of this pizza.  The farm egg was my favourite part of this pizza and was baked to a warm yolk that wasn’t runny (I like it that way).  The combination of the spicy tomato sauce, chorizo sausage, and cracked black pepper gave the pizza a really spicy kick!  If you want a spicy pizza, this is it.  By way of comparison, this pizza was much saucier and spicier than the Blue Sally.

 Two pizzas in one

Yay for half-half orders!

My root beer drink:

Boylan Root Beer Racinette

Boylan Root Beer Racinette

Samantha of @the.first.bite customized her own pizza.  This is what hers looked like:

 True True Pizza customized

Customized pizza

The owners at True True Pizza were very generous.  I also got to try their Pressed Sandwiches.

 True True Pizza Pressed Sandwiches

Pressed Sandwiches

"The Honeymoon" Sandwich

“The Honeymoon”. $9.50
-grilled chicken, marinated kale, smoked bacon, parmesan cheese, with a lemon garlic dressing on their signature focaccia bread

I tried “The Honeymoon” which consisted of grilled chicken, marinated kale, smoked bacon, parmesan cheese, with a lemon garlic dressing on their signature focaccia bread.  This was pressed in their panini grill upon ordering for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Mmm, this was such a big portion!  I really liked the lemon garlic dressing.  I think that anything chicken and bacon makes for a great sandwich and indeed this sandwich was a winner too.  Yummy. 🙂

"The Honeymoon" Sandwich

Mmmm, look at all that marinated kale!

I tried the “Heartbeet” salad that Samantha got.  This salad had green kale, red & white quinoa, beets, pecans, dried cherries, sliced orange, and dressed in a creamy maple balsamic.  The creamy maple balsamic really made the salad a good one by combining all of the fresh ingredients together.

"Heartbeet" salad

“Heartbeet” salad. $9.50
-green kale, red & white quinoa, beets, pecans, dried cherries, sliced orange, creamy maple balsamic

Finally, I also tried a tiny bit of the large chocolate cookie that Brenda got.  Their cookies are baked fresh in-house daily.  I really liked how chunky and chocolaty the cookie was. 😀

Chocolate cookie

Chocolate cookie

Thank you so much, True True Pizza, for providing us with so many pizzas and items to try for our media tasting.  Thank you jojoinstameets for organizing yet another amazing media tasting! 🙂

[Also!  They are hosting a grand opening event on August 17, 2017 where if you line up at the Queen Street West location from 6 to 9 p.m., you can get a free pizza!  Please visit their Instagram page for more details.]

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Jojoinstameets and True True Pizza invited me to a complimentary tasting, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the companies.

 True True Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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