Steam Pot Dinner at 潮福蒸氣石鍋⁠⁠⁠⁠

September 19, 2017:  For dinner that night, we went to Hai Fook 潮福蒸氣石鍋 in Tai Po for steam pot dinner.  Steam pot meals started getting popular in Hong Kong at least since last year in 2016 when I was visiting but never tried it.  I had tried it in Toronto last autumn but this was my first time trying it in Hong Kong.

Hai Fook Group has many restaurants and we went to the Tai Po branch.

We ordered the six person combo meal and added in three “yan crabs” called 奄仔蟹 in Chinese.  They were on promotion for $78 HKD for one crab.

The process was pretty much identical to my experience at the steam pot restaurant I went to in Toronto.   A server helped us to put each course of seafood or meat onto the steamer.  There was a timer on the table to alert of when the item was done being steamed.  There was also rice, pumpkin, and some pork put into the lower part of the steamer as congee later.

Everything was really fresh.  We had an assortment of scallops, mussels, clams, abalone, scallops, chicken, fish, wagyu beef, vegetables, and sponge cake.  We first had the crabs put into the steamer.  These crabs are most well known for their large portion of guts and tomalley.

My cousin also ordered a dish of cooked chicken.

The congee at the end was sweet and infused with all the essences of the previous foods being steamed and condensation set in.

Hong Kong has so many steam pot restaurants now.  I’m glad that I got to try one now too! 🙂


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