Booster’s On Main

Booster's On Main patio

(View from Booster’s On Main patio). Booster’s On Main located at 175 Main St Unionville in Markham

After a fun and successful photo shoot in Main Street Unionville, we went to Booster’s on Main to quench our thirst and for some bites.  At this time, the sun was beginning to set but the weather outside was still good enough to squeeze in some patio time.  Thus, Ken and I asked to be seated outside on the patio.  Luckily, we were able to nab the last one.

The patio at Booster’s On Main isn’t the largest but there are a few tables for two to six people.  It overlooks the main portion of Main Street Unionville (right across from the Old Firehall Confectionery shop) and is *the* perfect spot for people watching!

Booster's On Main menu


Since we were here during the annual Unionville Festival too, we got treated to a huge display of walkerbys during our stay on the patio.

Booster's On Main patio

Beautiful patio! Table #1

 Booster's on Main patio view

Table #2 view

The server gave us water and the menu in a decent amount of time (she was running around busy all night) but after we placed our order, it took a tremendous amount of waiting time… so much so that we had to flag her to ask about our food.  During this time, it was also getting chilly outside.  Luckily, the table next to us was just leaving and we took their table instead.  This was a better alternative at the time which allowed us some more patio time because there were two large umbrellas which shielded the wind for a little bit and kept us warmer.

 Booster's on Main patio view

As evening rolled in… such a nice view!

Ultimately though, we decided to move in once the sun had disappeared since it was chilly outside.  The server followed up with our food for us again (in total, it actually took more than an hour for our food to arrive — I’m just glad that we weren’t actually hungry and more just thirsty… at least I can speak for myself.)

 Chicken Wings on skewers

Chicken Wings on skewers. $6

One of the food items that Booster’s featured is skewers (grilled using charcoal)!  We got the Chicken Wings on skewers and I was really impressed with this.  The entire chicken wing (with attached drumstick) was served to us on a skewer and I loved how it was so flavourful and seasoned.  It reminded me of the jerk chicken we had had the previous night at Club 1806.  The chicken wing was juicy and moist inside — the best type of chicken wing!  I loved it. 😀

Ken chose the Tiger Salad which included onion, cucumber, pepper, cilantro, dry tofu and peanuts tossed with spicy dark vinaigrette.  I like how when I dine out with Ken, I sometimes get to try items that I probably never would have ordered for myself. XD

Tiger Salad

Tiger Salad. $8
-onion, cucumber, pepper, cilantro, dry tofu and peanuts tossed with spicy dark vinaigrette

This was actually a really large salad!  There were tons of greens with the above mentioned ingredients.  It was a little spicy due to the vinaigrette but a unique-tasting salad.  The dry tofu were the pickled type from Chinese restaurants.  It was a really fresh salad too.  We avoided the pepper since it looked like it was going to be very spicy.

 Booster's on Main interior

Our view from table #3, inside the restaurant facing the bar

I liked Booster’s and it seemed to be a very popular place for late night hangouts since many people were showing up after 10 p.m.

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