Giant Transformers Robots at Primitive Designs

Primitive Designs transformers

Primitive Designs located at 2762 Northumberland County Rd 28 in Port Hope

March 17, 2018:  Primitive Designs is a retail and gift shop filled with some of the most unique and exotic antiques, furnishings, and art pieces I’ve ever seen.   It’s located in Port Hope and is one of the top tourist attractions in this small town.

We arrived here around 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon on a Saturday to check it out.  They had a gigantic Transformers robot outside the shop.  It was so impressive that even my SO exclaimed a loud “Wow!” immediately upon us driving onto the lot.  We got out of the car and spent the next hour and a half or so browsing the very many collection of interesting items that they had for sale.  There was a tall T-Rex made from recycled motor vehicles as well as a Bumblebee robot too.  There was so much to see inside!

Here are the photos of what I encountered inside and outside of the shop:

Primitive Designs side entrance

Primitive Designs side entrance

Wooden masks

Wooden masks?

Gigantic T-Rex that was so meticulously assembled!  All of the sculptures were done with so much precision and care.


T-Rex made of recycled motor vehicle parts!

The main attraction to this place. ;P

Transformers robot

The major draw to this place :p

Business hours

Business hours

Gigantic bottle caps

Gigantic bottle caps

There were a lot of metal Portuguese style chickens.  It made me think that they belonged at a Portuguese restaurant.

metal chickens and flowers

Lots of metal chickens and flowers

Can you spot me? 🙂

metal dinosaur

Holding onto its claw

I wonder how they did this.  Did they meld the metal parts together?

metal dinosaur

Look at all those parts!

An elephant made from driftwood!

driftwood elephant

Elephant made out of driftwood

A happy and colourful wall.

Colourful wall

Wall full of bottle caps and words

This Bumblebee robot was also made with detail.

Bumblebee robot

Bumblebee rumble

Storefront sign

Storefront sign

There were clothing for sale inside too in the style of Tibet and yoga wear.

Tibetan style clothing

Clothing and items in Tibetan style and yoga gear

I found these glass sculptures to be so interesting!  The glass formed to the shape of the wood underneath it.

Glass on wood sculptures

Glass on wood sculptures

Glass on wood sculptures and wood carvings

Glass on wood sculptures and wood carvings

There were lots of Mardi Gras themed items such as this skull on the ceiling.

Artwork on the ceiling

Artwork on the ceiling

I found Spidey!


Hanging Spiderman

They had a second floor too!



What a collection!

Wooden products

Wooden products

Metal minions

Metal minions!

Wooden tables

Neat tables made with wood insertions

T-Rex sculpture

Facts about their T-Rex sculpture

Primitive Designs

So many neat finds!

After walking around the store for an hour and a half and seeing so many interesting items, we concluded that a lot of items might not be things that the ordinary person would buy but rather a lot of the products were fitting for restaurants and/or places that required large and in-your-face decor.  I think Primitive Designs is definitely worth a stop if you are going to be in the town of Port Hope!

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5 Responses to Giant Transformers Robots at Primitive Designs

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  2. Sharon wright says:

    I beg to disagree. I’m an ordinary person, who has bought a ton of stuff there…

  3. gchan7127 says:

    I love how you posed as the Bumblebee! So cute!

    And wowwwww,it looks so awesome!!

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