Archibald Microbrasserie (Montreal International Airport)

Archibald Microbrasserie beers

Archibald Microbrasserie located at 975 Romeo-Vachon Blvd N (inside the Montreal International Airport) in Saint-Laurent, Quebec

September 2, 2018:  This was actually my first time inside of the Montreal Airport (since all of the other times I’ve been to Montreal have been either by rail or car).  Everyone knows that Montreal is a foodie city, but did you know that their airport is also food-filled with great restaurants!?  We had a three-hour layover here and it was during this amazing span of time that we were able to try one of these great restaurants — Archibald Microbrasserie!  

We were strolling inside the airport and window-browsing all of the restaurants and shops.  We spotted this restaurant which had a large “outdoor” space with large sofa chairs and cozy seats out on this make-believe patio.  There were plants and wooden elements too to make it seem like you were outdoors.  The interior of the restaurant was very modern with hipster lights and a woodsy theme.  They had stuffed moose and deer heads mounted on the walls with chandeliers made with antlers.  We were intrigued by this restaurant but didn’t go in right away when we saw it.   Part of the intrigue was that there was actually a line-up forming outside the restaurant for guests to enter.  I’d never seen a restaurant inside of an airport with a wait line before!

Archibald Microbrasserie storefront

Such a unique concept. It’s like the indoor restaurant has its own outdoor patio

Archibald Microbrasserie characters

Gorgeous artwork on the floor of the entrance

 Moose head on the wall

View from where I sat. You can see a moose head on the wall

Archibald Microbrasserie interior

Looking into the dining room

Archibald Microbrasserie decor

Antlers and wood galore

When we realized that we had time to spare and it was a good time for a drink and snack, we popped in to try this restaurant out.  I’m so glad that we did!  😀  Luckily, when we entered, there was no line-up too.  We chose to dine in at the best time!

When asked whether we would be eating or drinking and I replied with “Both”, the hostess led us inside where we were immediately served with water, the menu, and a container of green olives.

Archibald Microbrasserie coasters and olives

Archibald coasters and olives


I love olives

Archibald Microbrasserie is known for their beer in 50s style cartoons.  Because of that, Ken ordered the Blonde Ale to try.  We also ordered two starters to share.

Archibald Microbrasserie leather menu cover

The menu was made with a really soft leather cover!

Archibald Microbrasserie beers menu

A few beers from their menu

Archibald Microbrasserie appetizer menu

A few snacks from their menu

Mmm, the Matante (Blonde Ale) was so smooth!!  It was so good and one of the best beers I have had. 😀  It was light without being too stout either.

 Blonde Ale

Matante (Blonde Ale)
-blonde with long lasting head and delicate aroma of both malt and hops

Archibald Fondues

Archibald Fondues (3). $11
-four cheeses, Chipie caramel, golden raisin chutney

The Archibald Fondues caught my attention right away.  These three crispy fried packets contained four types on cheese inside on a smear of chipie caramel and golden raisin chutney.

(Their menu is very extensive and contains a lot of uncommon selections too like foie gras, different types of tartare, and more.  If we were dining in for a full meal, I definitely would have tried those unique dishes.)

I have had fried cheese (like brie) before, but it wasn’t so smooth and potato-y like this one.  It was quite good and definitely had to be eaten with the sweet accompaniments to taste good.

Archibald Fondue

It was not over fried and is best eaten hot

Archibald Fondue

Creamy cheese!

The Fried Calamari were seasoned with homemade spices and came with spicy mayonnaise.  It was pretty good and presented in a cute mini wok.

Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari. $15.50
-homemade spices, spicy mayonnaise

Archibald Microbrasserie is the perfect place in the Montreal International Airport for a meal and drink.  This restaurant is so good that it can stand alone and definitely can attract a lot of customers outside of the airport too.

Archibald Microbrasserie food

Our pre-boarding snacks and drink

Archibald Microbrasserie storefront

These photos don’t do the restaurant’s design any justice. You really have to go there to see it yourself. The attention to detail is amazing

Archibald Microbrasserie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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