Our Visit to The Museum of Illusions in Toronto

 Museum of Illusions Toronto reception

Museum of Illusions located at 132 Front St E in Toronto

March 30, 2019:  The Museum of Illusions is a fun interactive museum for all ages that features trick-eye exhibits and optical illusions.  It’s located on Front Street in downtown Toronto and newly opened since late 2018.  A lot of the exhibits and displays shown in this museum reminded me of the concepts I learned back in my perspectives psychology course in university.

I remember the days of yore when museums like this were purely fun places to explore and fascinate your sights and senses because not everything seen was to be believed.  Nowadays, such museums are the prime spot for photo-loving individuals to spend time in and walk away with fun and unique photos to share on social media.

Museum of Illusions Toronto storefront

It’s a small storefront on Front Street

Museum of Illusions Toronto tickets

Thank you to the bb for the fun day!

Like many reviews have said, it’s not the biggest space but the exhibits in the museum are enough to last you at least an hour of fun if you truly take the time to do so.  If you simply go in, whirl around, and barely even read some of the exhibit descriptions, then your visit will be short and lack meaning.

(You can purchase your tickets online which gives you a time slot of one hour, but once you are admitted in the museum, you can actually stay as long as you want. )

We arrived at 11 a.m. on a rainy Saturday day, and there weren’t too many people at first.  After an hour though, there were increasing waves of visitors, so I would highly recommend an early visit to the Museum of Illusions to have as much time with each exhibit as you like (and less likely to have strangers photobombing your photos).  We spent a total of an hour and a half inside the museum.

 Reversed Room in Museum of Illusions Toronto

We’re floating a la Michelangelo touching fingers

One thing I wish that could be implemented is if there could be tripods set up at most of the stations where a photo is necessary for you to see the result.  For example, in the “Reversed Room” or the illusion of person A sitting in a small chair while person B looks on, a permanent tripod for people to affix their cameras to would be great.

As a visitor in any space, I always hate having to ask strangers to take a photo for me.  For one, 90 percent of the time, such strangers are terrible photographers or it’s not possible for them to know what kind of angle you want the photos to be taken; and two, I dislike having to ask others to take photos in general as it seems like I’m intruding on their space and time.  A tripod that’s part of the exhibit would eliminate these little problems and make the visit slightly more enjoyable.  Also, I would be able to take as many photos as I want — although now that I’m thinking about it, maybe the absence of such a convenient tool would defer people from taking up too much time on photos.

 Reversed Room in Museum of Illusions Toronto

Someone please catch me before I hurt my head

 Chair illusion in Museum of Illusions Toronto

Make sure the photographer knows to line up the legs of the chair properly…

If you don’t want to be spoiled with what the museum offers, feel free to skip the rest of this blog post as it’ll showcase the photos we took during the various exhibits in this museum.

illusion rooms in Museum of Illusions Toronto

Hi *waves*

mirrors in Museum of Illusions Toronto

The True Mirror was really fascinating

kaleidoscope Museum of Illusions Toronto

I’m my own kaleidoscope

mirrors in Museum of Illusions Toronto

I never have to play cards alone by myself again!

mirrors in Museum of Illusions Toronto

There was an infinity room a la Yayoi Kusama

spinning tunnel in Museum of Illusions Toronto

I love spinning tunnels!

rooms in Museum of Illusions Toronto

The Slanted Room was so trippy

It’s cool that Toronto has another tourist destination for visitors and locals alike to have fun at.  It’s good for all ages.  They have a coat room for you to leave your coats behind (it’s not monitored though, so leave your personal belongings there at your own discretion).  Their reception desk doubles as a small gift shop where you can purchase toys, books, and souvenirs.


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3 Responses to Our Visit to The Museum of Illusions in Toronto

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  2. gchan7127 says:

    I love your pictures! And yeah, sometimes, the people taking pics suck! I had to ask random strangers to help me since I only went with my brother. They didn’t line the chair up properly so it didn’t look as great as I had hoped. 😦

    • stenoodie says:

      Yeah, I hate asking strangers because it’s like a burden and they’re not guaranteed to take nice photos either. The two people that took the chair photos for us didn’t line the legs up correctly either. 😑

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