Fresh Burger (Richmond Hill location)

Fresh Burger located at 9206 Leslie Street in Richmond Hill

Not only have I passed by Fresh Burger several times but I’ve also heard about its appeal from several friends recently.  Thus, it was only natural for me to hop in for a visit and see what all the hype was about! 🙂

Fresh Burger is a family-owned business located in a small plaza near a Tim Hortons at the intersection of Leslie and 16th.  There aren’t a lot of tables and chairs inside the restaurant as it’s meant to be an in and out kind of place.

During this time, there is a promotion (click here for coupon) going on where you can buy one burger and get one free (until May 4, 2014).  This promotion is also only valid after 3 p.m. on weekdays and during weekends (so go get your free burger if you are in the area and also want to try this burger joint out soon!).

100% lean Canadian AAA Sirloin

They are super busy at lunch time!

We ordered two burgers to share:  The Freshburger and the Mushroom Melt Burger. You place your order at the counter and wait a couple of minutes before they call you up for your order.  You can choose to dine in or take out.  They offer free wifi.

The special appeal about “Fresh Burger” is that all of their burgers are made on site and fresh every single day.  None of that frozen stuff!  They use fresh Canada AAA sirloin that is ground daily on-site.

Mushroom Melt

When I bit into the Freshburger, the meat patty was very soft and juicy.  I liked it!  The Mushroom Melt Burger was packed with seasoned mushrooms and also really good!  I felt that the patty for this burger was not as soft as the first one for some reason.  The rest of their ingredients are fresh too.

Their fries were okay.  I have heard that their poutine is rather good.  This is something for me to try in the future perhaps!

Mushroom Melt

Fries! I also tried their Cajun powder by sprinkling it on the fries

All in all, their burgers are pretty good and I would give it a try… especially since they have a BOGO coupon promotion going on, it is such a good deal! ^_^

Free wifi!

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  1. andy1076 says:

    I ❤ mushroom melt burgers and this looks amazing! there's that little something about family run restaurants that make it all just right 🙂

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