100 Degrees Hot Pot Restaurant [Defunct]

Located at 650 Highway 7 East in Richmond Hill

After a chilly and spooky night out at Canada Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt, we headed to 100 Degrees Hot Pot Restaurant for the perfect time to warm up and refuel over hot pot.  Hot pot is a do-it-yourself cuisine where you have a pot full of pre-prepared broth or soup boiling in order to cook food in front of you.  You can do this at home or go out to restaurants where you can get have your own pot or share among 2-4 people.

Mixing your own sauce!

I’ve been to 100 Degrees in the past and didn’t form a particular opinion of the place (pre-food blog days 😉 ).  This time, I can say that I loved the food and we had an awesome time.

Order sheet that is chock full of goodies! I forgot to bring my foodie camera so this picture is super blurry..

We had two pots going for 7 people with a split Sichuan soup base and split cilantro and thousand year old egg soup base.

Dual soup base pots! One spicy, one refreshing.


We ordered a ton of beef balls, beef, lamb, pork, tendon, chicken wings, dumplings, vegetables, and more.  Just look at our table piled full of yummy (raw) food!  You check these off of a list and the server brings them to your table where you then dump into the boiling pots to cook everything to your liking.  It’s fun and delicious!! 🙂

Mango yogurt as dessert. This one was just okay. The one at Yang’s Kitchen was delicious!

Last of all, they had this truthful and cute placemat at every seat. So true!! 😛

I am definitely going to return again.  I absolutely loved their lamb and sliced beef.  It was so tender and flavoured so well. :’)  Hot pot nights are perfect during the cold winter nights!

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5 Responses to 100 Degrees Hot Pot Restaurant [Defunct]

  1. andy1076 says:

    No need to split the pot for me! all Sichuan will do 😄

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