Tree Planting as part of Trees Across Toronto 2015

I helped plant 4 trees this year as part of Trees Across Toronto! 🙂

I helped plant trees for the first time in spring 2013 when it was part of the DiSCOVER 2013 program events.  I love participating in new experiences and planting a tree two years ago was definitely something new that I wanted to do.  This year, as part of the Trillium Lions event, I participated again!  Yay!

This is actually a yearly event that anyone can participate in as part of the Trees Across Toronto event as part of Toronto’s initiative to plant more trees around the Toronto area.  There were many sponsors and partnerships that made this tree event possible.  Most importantly, they needed a lot of volunteers to help do the work!  

The absolute PERFECT day to plant trees! Sunny, breezy, crisp spring air!

Mountains of mulch, shovels, gloves, on hand for volunteers to use

The event was slated from 10 a.m. to noon.  I arrived a little after 10 a.m. just as they were finishing up the morning speeches about the event.  There were many, many people there.  Some were small families, while others were also individuals as part of a bigger group or organization.


Tree-planting demonstration!

I watched a tree planting demonstration where a staff member showed us the proper way to plant a baby tree into the ground.  After that, I found the members of the Trillium Lions and we got to work.  We got our gloves, shovels, baby trees, mulch, and cardboard mulch ready.

Gray dogwood


I was much more hands-on this time and got to plant four trees!  (With the help of a friend so it was teamwork).  It was actually really fun and the best part was the perfect spring weather that we got that morning.  It was breezy, crisp air, sun shining, and the smell of fresh mulch was in the air.  It was actually so beautiful and perfect.  I couldn’t believe how good the fresh mulch smelled!  If they bottle it into a fragrance, would I be the only one who would appreciate it?

Filling the field with new trees!

Free hot dog courtesy of Enbridge! Thanks!

In any case, our work was done as noon approached and the field of green turned into a field with many light brown circles implanted on it.  There were a total of 2,000 trees planted that day by more than 200 people.  It was quite impressive!  I liked how they put out more baby trees as we were planting so that the planting didn’t end too quickly.

At the end, Enbridge, a sponsor, provided free hot dogs to us as refreshments at the end.  It was such a good day!  My only hope is that the trees that we planted flourish and grow up into beautiful trees that future generations can enjoy.  I should make sure to visit L’Amoreaux North Park in the future to see how the saplings do. 🙂  Happy Earth Week!

Still a beautiful day after I left 🙂

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