Chiuchow Garden 潮庭 (Hong Kong)

Shop 801B, 8/F., New Town Plaza I, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin in Hong Kong

On our first night back to Hong Kong after our 5-day trip to Beijing, we had a family dinner at Chiuchow Garden in Sha Tin.  We had a pretty big family gathering as most of our relatives were also visiting from Toronto to Hong Kong. As such, we ordered quite a number of items to share!

Chiuchow Garden serves Chinese food but also features dishes from the Chiu Chow cuisine.  They have a number of franchises all over Hong Kong.

The front of the restaurant in the mall

I liked the lights here. So cool!

Here’s what we got. 🙂

Cold appetizers to start

Fish maw

This Chiu Chow congee was the best.  It had so many toppings and stuff in it! ^_^

Delicious Chiu Chow congee!!

Fried rice with egg white and broccoli

Broccoli, shrimp, squid

This next dish was the most uniquely presented assortment of food I’ve ever seen!  It contained some marinated duck, marinated tofu, fried fish balls. You could spin the individualized compartments around too!

An assortment of marinated Chiu Chow goodness!

Bok choy with mushrooms and duck feet

Fried chicken

Steamed fish

Another sort of fried rice

Dessert time!  These steamed red bean pudding blocks were so unique.  They were very dense and sweet.  They were also steaming hot and fresh. ^_^

Steamed red bean pudding!

The typical Chinese dessert

Needless to say, with all the food that we ordered, we couldn’t finish everything.  We took most of the food home.

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  1. andy1076 says:

    oh wow the display and the food :O looks incredible!

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