Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Markham location)

Located at 3987 Highway 7 East, Unit 6 in Markham

It wasn’t until I looked up more about this fast-food burger chain that I learned that they actively use and promote peanut oil in their fryers.  They even serve peanuts at their stores.  You can take a small paper carton and fill it up with peanuts to snack on while you wait for your burgers or even as an extra side.  That’s pretty cool and unheard of at other fast-food joints!


Five Guys at Uptown Markham

The first time I heard about Five Guys Burgers and Fries was from two friends of mine who used to work there.  I had never heard of this fast-food chain otherwise.  Since then, I’ve been meaning to go.  After we had lunch one time at Whole Foods and I noticed that there was a branch of Five Guys in the same plaza at Uptown Markham, Jessica and I agreed to have lunch there one day.

Clean and bright

Earlier last week, we did!  This location of Five Guys is housed in a brick building and when you walk in, you see the red and white order counter and a long stretch into the back of the restaurant of tables and chairs.  I spotted the box of peanuts right away and snacked on one just to try it out; normally, I’m not a peanuts fan.  There were a fair number of people here for lunch time; interestingly, the majority of them were males.

Unlimited peanuts

All toppings are free and included!

Jessica advised me that their burgers are massive and when you place an order of fries, you actually get more fries than you bargain for; they scoop more fries into the take-out bag after they place the cup of fries inside.  Thus, I ordered the “Little Cheeseburger” with all the works for myself and a small serving of Cajun fries to share.

You could see the staff making the burgers in front of you since there was clear plexiglass at their work stations.  The burgers looked really good!

Yum 🙂

Overflowing Cajun fries

When I got my order, I saw that indeed there were more fries than I bargained for.  There were a lot of short stubby fries in the cup but other than that, the Cajun fries weren’t as crispy as I expected them to be.  They had a light dusting of Cajun spice on it.  They were good and tasted better with each fry.

The Little Cheeseburger was not a small one.  Rather, it was a good average sized portion for one person!  I liked it.  I had pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, and A1 Steak Sauce from the “all the way” selection.  However, I didn’t find the patty to be that different from other fast-food establishments like McDonald’s.  I do appreciate that their ingredients and patties are 100% fresh and every burger is made to order.  That means no freezing done to the patties.

Little Cheeseburger. $5.69
-100% fresh beef, mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, A1 Steak Sauce

I would recommend Five Guys Burgers to try if you are in the area.  It’s not super fancy but just enough to satisfy a craving for a burger if you have one. 🙂

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    We have it here in Vancouver too, Simple looking place but always packed 🙂

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