Lunch at Kinton Ramen 5

Kinton Ramen 5 located at 396 Church Street in Toronto

After a very rewarding experience distributing sandwiches to the needy, we ventured to Kinton Ramen 5 for some lunch!  It was a relatively chilly day and the perfect gloomy day for some nice hot bowls of ramen!  Up to this point, I’ve been to Kinton Ramen several times and have been to their Kinton Ramen 1 and Kinton Ramen 4 stores.  It just so happened that we chose this ramen franchise for lunch.  Ramen is such a great lunch option because it is fast, simple, and great for small groups too.

Kinton Ramen 5 is a decently sized restaurant. The servers loudly exclaim Japanese greetings to you when you enter and leave

We arrived at this location of Kinton Ramen just after 1:30 p.m. on a Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised that the place wasn’t packed.  Perhaps there were other restaurants that people were dining at for the weekend or because there was also the St. Patrick’s Day Parade happening just a few blocks away that attracted people’s attentions instead.  Either way, it worked out well for us because we didn’t have to wait for any table and we were a small group of ten people (we actually split up into three tables).

Menu & Special Menu

Since I’ve been to Kinton Ramen so many times before, I wanted to try out a bowl that I hadn’t tried before.  I ordered their Spicy Garlic flavour!  Both Christina and I inquired the server about the level of spice in this bowl and we were told that the spice was mild.  I also chose thin noodles, pork ramen broth, and pork belly as the meat.  I don’t think I’ve tried their thick noodles yet still because I’m afraid that thick noodles means that the ramen is too starchy and not as delicious as thin noodles — I always tend to prefer thin noodles anyway.  Perhaps for my future next visit, I’ll finally try their thick noodles!

Kim and Jean ordered from the Kinton Special Menu where in addition to a bowl of ramen, they could also choose a side dish.  I took a bite of each of their two side dishes out of curiosity.

Chiki Chiki Don
-chopped chicken breast with Kinton original mayo on rice

Ton Ton Don
-chopped pork seasoned with Kinton original sauce on rice

The Chiki Chiki Don contained chopped chicken breast whereas the Ton Ton Don contained chopped pork.  I enjoyed the chopped chicken breast more.  The flavour was more clean.  The texture of the chopped pork resembled tuna fish.  Both meat in the don dishes were cold.

Before long, our bowls of ramen arrived at the table.  My Spicy Garlic flavoured ramen contained chili pepper, bean sprouts, scallions, and grated garlic.  There was actually a big sizable mound of grated garlic right in the centre of the bowl.  You couldn’t miss it!

Pork Ramen Broth, Spicy Garlic Flavour, Thin Noodles, Pork Belly Meat. $10.90

While the chili pepper in the broth was what made it a little spicy (the server was right; it was definitely a mild spice), the grated garlic was what made it really spicy.  I added a little bit of it to some of my bites in between the ramen and pork belly and really felt the true heat of the garlic.  It was intense but also really thrilling to eat!

The big flap of pork belly was very smooth and delicious!  I didn’t remember it tasting this delicious the last time I was here.  I was glad that I got to return to Kinton Ramen again to try this out! 😀  It wasn’t too fatty and quite lean for pork belly standards.

Yum! Look at that mound of fresh garlic in the centre

The thin noodles were pretty good and the portion of the bowl of ramen was just right for me.  I think for some people though, the portion will not be enough to fill them up.  I slurped up some of the soup broth since it wasn’t spicy and tasty.

At night time, you can see clearly the inside of the restaurant from the outside

All in all, it was a great return back to Kinton Ramen for a meal.  There are currently five Kinton Ramen shops all around Toronto.  Have you been to one yet?  What was your experience like?   Leave your comments in the space below! 🙂

KINTON RAMEN 5 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Kinton Ramen 5 is located right next to its sister restaurant, the Original Kinka Izakaya

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