Menya Fuji Japanese Ramen [Defunct]

Menya Fuji menu cover

Menya Fuji located at 3 Finch Ave E in North York

March 4, 2018:

I finally got to try Menya Fuji!  It’s a ramen house that is located right at the corner of Finch and Yonge, which makes it so easy and convenient for any subway goer to stop by to check it out.  I was also influenced by several IGers who posted photos of the ramen from Menya Fuji to come here — social media influence works.  :]

We walked in on a Sunday before noon and the place was quite empty — we were one of two parties of guests there.  Their menu consisted of ramen, mini don (rice) bowls, appetizers, and desserts.

Menya Fuji interior

Counter. It looks so nicely decorated

Menya Fuji menu and prices

Ramen menu

Menya Fuji menu and prices

Black ramen edition and toppings menu

Menya Fuji menu and prices

Rice dishes and appetizers menu

Menya Fuji menu and prices

Desserts and drinks menu

Menya Fuji cups

I liked the look of their cups

Black Tonkotsu Ramen

Black Tonkotsu Ramen. $11.50
-chasiu, scallions, half egg, enokitake mushroom, black fungus, black garlic oil

Their “black edition” stood out to me since it had black garlic oil.  The Black Tonkotsu Ramen had chasiu, scallions, half egg, enokitake mushroom, black fungus, and of course black garlic oil.

When the bowl arrived, I was surprised with how narrow the base of it was.  This meant that the serving of ramen was smaller than most bowls.  I tasted the broth first and really like the inclusion of the black garlic oil. It was very fragrant and I liked it since not a lot of ramen houses serve ramen with black garlic oil.  The ramen noodles were good as were the rest of the toppings inside the bowl.

Black Tonkotsu Ramen

View from the side so you can see how small and narrow the bowl is

Black Tonkotsu Ramen

Lots of black garlic oil!

Ken ordered the Shogayaki Don (ginger pork on rice, Fuji sauce, lettuce, and sesame).  I really liked the rice which was similar in texture to sushi rice!  That made it a bonus.  The pork was good too.

Shogayaki Don

Shogayaki Don. $6.90
-ginger pork on rice, Fuji sauce, lettuce, sesame

Shogayaki Don

The portion was very good

The Takoyaki, fried octopus balls, was good.


Takoyaki (5 pcs). $5.90
-fried octopus balls

I’m glad I finally tried this much talked-about ramen house!  Aside from the black garlic oil which was amazing, their portion of ramen is smaller than expected — which probably aligns with why their ramen is just $11-13, lower than other ramen houses these days.

Menya Fuji storefront

They’re located at the east-west corner of Yonge and Finch!

Menya Fuji Japanese Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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