Weather in April 2018

It’s never been about us.

We forget that we live in Mother Nature’s world on Planet Earth. We’ve spent decades up to this point hoarding and using her clean water resources, mixing her pure air with our poisonous gases, stealing her youth and beauty by throwing plastics into her nether regions, driving her babies to extinction, and we still have no gratitude towards her and the space we’ve occupied and taken over as ours.  The world is changing because we have done so much to destroy the natural coasts and waterways and the way things used to work if humans hadn’t wrongly assumed to take the driver’s seat.

Change is inevitable.

We live here temporarily. What happens to us during this time is our options and our choices. Should we choose to do better (eliminate plastics, undo extinction of species we have driven to extinction, use less resources, plant more trees), perhaps we wouldn’t see such drastic weather patterns.

We’re on Mother (Nature)’s ride. What happens in the future will be a reflection of how we have treated her.

We’re not in control and will never be.

Just because us simple two-legged creatures have broadly labelled the dates of “March 20 to June 20” to be “spring” doesn’t mean the spring-like weather has to come and has to stay. Mother doesn’t care about your arbitrary dates. Again, we forget that we’re not the ones driving the train here. Never forget.

Tl;dr:  Stop complaining about the extreme weather!!!

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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