Green River Restaurant in Mong Kok

January 15, 2019:
We dropped by Green River Restaurant (翠河餐廳) (apparently one of many branches — this one at the Mong Kok location across from Langham Place). It is a two-storey restaurant and open 24 hours.
(The name of this restaurant makes me think of the song “Moon River”. I can’t help but sing the first few verses of the song’s chorus in my head when I see this name. XD)
We went inside and after telling them our party number, decided to head upstairs to there were more seats. The first floor space only had a couple of booth seats.

It’s a run-of-the-mill Hong Kong style cafe with a typical menu. There were a lot of people dining on the second floor.
We ordered a fish tofu with rice noodles in soup and a Hong Kong style pork bun. I was curious about how theirs would taste like after having that wonderfully delicious one at Yuen Long Bistro.
The fish tofu puffs were tasty with the soup all soaked into it. The rice noodles were good too.
The HK style pork bun was mediocre. It was a bit fatty and definitely could not compare to the one I had at Yuen Long Bistro.
Their kitchen is also located on the second floor. Since it’s a two-storey restaurant, they actually operate a small elevator for the food to travel from the upstairs kitchen to the customers on the lower level. It was so neat. If you don’t want your food to come down an elevator chute, it’s best to sit upstairs. ;p
Their individual stalled washrooms are on the first floor and quite clean.

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