Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2013 at Bluffer’s Park

Group photo after cleaning up the Scarborough Bluffs in 2013

This year’s Shoreline Cleanup takes place at Bluffer’s Park which is a beautiful sandy beach and park in Scarborough.  Compared to the rest of Scarborough, it is hard to find anything like the Bluffs.  Once you are there and hiking among the rocks and trees,  it feels like you’re not even in Canada at all.  

This was my second year participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  I think it’s so important to help our shores stay clean and free of garbage.  I grew up knowing that it is wrong to litter and have always had a passion to helping Mother Nature out.  Last year, I helped out by cleaning the shoreline of Woodbine Beach.  It was a beautiful fall day and the sun was shining brightly with beautifully shaped clouds in the sky.  We picked up a lot of garbage, with a baseball bat and a fake dog driver’s license as the memorable litter that we found.  I loved it and ever since then was looking forward to the next year’s shoreline cleanup.

Looking back on last year’s Shoreline Cleanup at Woodbine Beach in 2012

This year, I came prepared.  I have a tool that is perfect for grabbing litter on the ground even while standing.  Last year I wore gloves and crouched down to pick up every pop can, plastic wrapper, and cigarette butt, and it was the best workout for my butt since I was sore the next day from bending down so much.  You will see my awesome extendable “arm” in this year’s group picture (it’s actually designed for seniors to pick up things they drop without having to bend).  This is THE perfect tool to use when collecting garbage.  I have actually used this before to collect garbage one time when I was cleaning up Too Good Pond. 🙂

The Bluffs seen on a gloomy and rainy day.

This year, I found that there were less visible “big” pieces of garbage at the Bluffs.  The most commonly found piece of litter was still the cigarette butts.  A lot of the ones that I picked up were already decaying and faded in colour.  Other than what looked like a big plastic tire protector and a beer bottle and some beer boxes, the litter was actually fewer than what was seen at Woodbine Beach.  There was a clump of wet newspaper/flyers that was very tedious to pick up, but other than that, this year’s cleanup was relatively ease-free.

This was one of the most unfavourable days to clean the shoreline outside. It was raining on and off and very windy. We have to thank our lucky stars that at least it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. There were actually some surfers in the water too!

We used a new form this year to document the litter that we collected.  It’s a much simpler and organized tally sheet than last year’s. 🙂

The tally sheet. You can see how many cigarette butts we found! I’m pretty sure it was more than the tallied 150.

There were 17 of us, so we split up into groups of 4 to clean the shoreline. After about 2 hours, we assembled back into the group and grouped our litter together.

A grand total of 4 bags worth of garbage, 3 of recyclables, and some glass/sharp objects.

Although it was raining on and off all during the 2 hours we were there, the rain eased up completely as we were leaving. Look at this pretty view of the fall leaves. 🙂

This is a typical Canadian sight. As I was driving out of the park, a family of geese was crossing the road. I was in a rush to an appointment, so I was glad that the holdup didn’t last more than a minute.

Once again, I am looking forward to next year’s Shoreline Cleanup.  I hope someone will be able to organize it again.  Also, if any friend of mine who is reading this wants to pick up garbage with me at a local park in Toronto, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  It’s a personal pastime of mine to pick up garbage and clean parks.   I’ve done it once before at Too Good Pond and would love to tackle more locations.  I know, I know, it’s not something that everyone likes to do, but if you’re up for it, me and my extendable garbage collector-arm are ready! 😀


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