Colours of Hope: Completing My First 5K

October 19, 2013

I did my first ever 5K yesterday as part of the Canadian Cancer Society Colours of Hope 5K event!  When I first received the e-mail from the Canadian Cancer Society about the event back in September, I knew wanted to do it.  The event is similar to the very popular “Color Me Rad” one in which participants run through stations in the path where (non-toxic) coloured powder are thrown into the air.  All the proceeds from this one went to the Canadian Cancer Society and instead of being a competitive one, it was a family friendly non-competitive run/walk event.  I thought it was the perfect event for me to do my first 5K!  Needless to say, I was very excited for it. 🙂

Tracy and I arrived at the Humber College North Campus on a cloudy Saturday morning.  We were very early and were there at 9 a.m. even though our heat didn’t start until 10:20 a.m.  The weather forecast had predicted a rainy Saturday with rain starting at 11 a.m.  We hoped and crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t start raining until after our race was done!   Thankfully, when we stepped out of the car and assessed the weather and temperature, it wasn’t too cold nor windy.  It was perfect!

Ready to begin in white!

Soon, our friend Min Ju arrived and we were ready to set off on our path.  There were a lot of people ahead of us at the starting line; everyone was dressed in white so that we could get the maximum exposure and canvas space for our soon-to-be multicoloured shirts.  The walk itself turned out to be pretty easy and very fun.  Every so often, we would come to a colour-bombing station — at least that’s what I thought of them — where volunteers would throw coloured powder into the air as we walked through it.  Some people ran through them, some people walked slowly through them.

The start of the 5K. Look at the colour explosion at the start!

It turns out that Humber College is bigger that we thought!  We walked through some beautiful forests and trees where there were volunteers holding signs and cheering us on.  I don’t remember exactly what the signs said, but they were both funny and encouraging.

Photo courtesy of Colours of Hope 5k on facebook

Before long, we arrived at the finish line!  Yay!  We finished in less than 40 minutes and had a final colour party at the finish line.  Our sunglasses, hair, cheeks, ears, arms, legs, shoes, and the backs and fronts of our shirts were entirely covered in different colours.  It was pretty. 🙂  After a few pictures to document our crazy powdered rainbow hair and faces, we took a visit to the University of Guelph/Humber building to wipe off as much of our colours as we could before we jumped into the car to get a good shower at home.

Showing off my colours

At the finish line!

I really enjoyed this event and am definitely looking forward to more 5K events in the future!  No better way to have fun than challenging yourself to see what you can do and make fun memories with friends in the process. 🙂

V for Victory!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, it didn’t rain until well after we had left the area and already home.  Yay!  Also, I had fun washing out my ears that afternoon… it was all covered in blue powder!


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7 Responses to Colours of Hope: Completing My First 5K

  1. Joyce says:

    Congratulations!!! Great fun for a great cause! 🙂

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