Congee Queen (Don Mills/Lawrence location)

Located at 895 Lawrence Ave E Unit 8 in North York

It’s funny that I found myself at another location of Congee Queen so soon after I had just ate at the Agincourt location.  After we finished a beautiful spring hike in Sunnybrook Park and Edwards Garden, we trekked back to Shops on Don Mills and crossed the street to where there was a small plaza.  A branch of Congee Queen was here that I didn’t even know about.

We were eating dinner here early at 5:30 p.m. and it was smart that we did because by the time we finished our meal and left, the place was packed with hungry people lining up around the entrance.

Packed with people by the time we left

Since we were a party of 8, we each ordered a dish and shared everything.  The food was delicious!

I chose a dish that I had never tried before — crab and seaweed salad.  It was perfect since we were all a little parched from the hike and hot weather.  This dish was chilled and refreshing.

We also ordered some rice, ramen, congee, vegetables, shrimp.  It was pretty much an amazing feast because we had a little bit of each category of food and the food was delicious too.  You can’t go wrong with affordable, large-portioned, delicious Chinese food to share with old and new friends. ^_^

Here’s what we got in order of arrival:

Clam, Mustard Green & Salted Egg Hot Pot Congee (large). $16.50

I now have a new favourite congee dish!  This clam and salted egg congee was ridiculously flavourful and delicious!  I love a lot of salty dishes and this one just fit the bill!  The clams were also a great flavour enhancer.  The salted egg made the whole congee very good!  Yum!

Crab Meat & Seaweed Salad. $7.99

Delicious!  This actually wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but the portion was still enough for us to eat and share among all of us.  The imitation crab meat was finely divided up and mixed with the green Japanese seaweed.  Like I said, it was very refreshing since it was a cold dish.

Teriyaki Seafood Ramen in Osaka Style. $12.50

How cool to have ramen in teriyaki style!  Like someone mentioned, the ramen in this was a little saltier than preferred, but it was still good.  The ramen noodles were very soft.  The entire dish relies heavily on soy sauce for flavour.

Snow Pea Leaf with King Mushroom. $15.99

You can’t go wrong with soft king mushrooms and as-tender-as-can-be snow pea leaves!

Spicy Softshell Crab Fried Rice. $12.95

I’ve loved the Empress Fried Rice on many occasions (just like here), but this version was a little different.  The fried rice was mixed with soft shell crab instead!  I love soft shell crab!  It didn’t taste very spicy at all but the soft shell mixed with various hard morsels of crab in the rice made for a very interesting texture and dish.  So good!

Szechuan Style Tiger Shrimp. $14.99

The tiger shrimps were very smooth and fresh for the most part.

Cantonese Chow Mein (assorted seafood, meat, vegetable). $11.95

Cantonese Chow Mein.  You can’t go wrong with crispy fried noodles and some seafood and meat! 🙂

What a nice bold sign — fit for a queen! 😉

As you can see, we chose some magnificent choices of Chinese dishes on this visit to Congee Queen.  We were all satisfied and happy.  Jen actually ordered a helping of mango pudding too to enjoy at the end before we proceeded to Pastel Creperie. 🙂

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Ah see, Now I was thinking about reminding yu of the snow pea and king mushroom and there it is 🙂

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