Sushi on Bloor

 Sushi on Bloor food

Sushi on Bloor located at 525 Bloor Street West in Toronto

Hmm, Sushi on Bloor.  This place has been well known for a long time — more than ten years in fact — and was one of the first sushi places that a lot of people raved and talked about back in my university days.

In fact, after we walked around the U of T campus for nostalgia’s sake, we ventured to Sushi on Bloor to have a quick bite as part of our night-time restaurant hopping adventure.

Sushi on Bloor was quite packed when we arrived at 7 p.m.  There were a lot of people waiting by the front door and we were one of them.  One of the servers gave us a number and we were second in line.

Luckily, it didn’t take much longer after that to wait for a table and we received a nice booth table too.

Sushi on Bloor interior

The restaurant was quite sizable and had a lot of seating. We sat nearest the sushi bar

Tons of families and couples and friends around us were dining and enjoying lots of sushi, rolls, sashimi, tempura, and other dishes.  We took a look at the menu and decided to order one roll to share.

Sushi on Bloor menu cover

Menu cover

Sushi on Bloor sushi menu

Super Roll menu

We were served tea and a bowl of miso soup even before we placed our order which I thought was very generous and nice.  The miso soup was decent.

 tea and miso soup

Tea and complimentary miso soup upon being seated

After finding out that the scallop in the Rock & Roll Scallop Roll would be grilled and not served raw like I wanted it to be, I ordered the Salmon Dragon Roll instead.  Ken ordered the Chilled Tofu appetizer as well.

The Cold Tofu was definitely chilled and served cold as it was implied.  The tofu could have been more smooth.

Cold Tofu

Cold Tofu. $2.95
-fresh tofu served with seaweed

The Salmon Dragon Roll had unagi, tobiko, tempura bits, salmon, and avocado in it.  Presentation-wise, this received zero points from me.  The taste of the roll was quite satisfying and decent; however, the quality seemed very ‘all-you-can-eat like’ for us.  In fact, I think that this roll could have belonged in a all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for sure.  The roll was also warm; too warm for sushi standards.

Salmon Dragon Roll

Salmon Dragon Roll (8 pcs). $8.95
-unagi, tobiko, tempura bits, salmon, avocado

Salmon Dragon Roll

Close-up of the Salmon Dragon Roll. It wasn’t very well made

 Sushi on Bloor storefront

Their storefront

We were glad that we only got one sushi roll to try out the restaurant.   We left soon after our plates were cleared and given the bill — there were a lot of people waiting for a table.

(We noticed that all the other tables received free ice cream upon the conclusion of their meal, but we didn’t receive any.  We didn’t bother to inquire about it but I personally thought they neglected to provide us the complimentary ice cream because we only ordered one entrée as a party of two. XD)

I can see why Sushi on Bloor is so popular though because their sushi roll selections and other items are very affordable and filling and decent enough.  If you want good high-quality sushi, you will find it somewhere else.

Sushi On Bloor Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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