Lunch and Dessert at Sweet O’clock

Sweet O'clock storefront

Sweet O’clock located at 5461 Yonge St in North York

“What time is it?”

“It’s Sweet O’clock!” XD

I’ve passed by Sweet O’clock many times before while walking on Yonge Street near Finch Avenue East.  Sweet O’clock is a Taiwanese dessert restaurant that also serves Japanese-inspired hot dishes and overall Asian snacks in addition to traditional Taiwanese desserts.  The cute pink and white lettering in its signage loudly alerts you to their existence when you pass by with lots of colourful and appealing posters that show off photos of the food that they serve.

This past Sunday, Nicole and I visited Sweet O’clock for lunch when our first choice was completely packed and we didn’t want to wait 30 minutes for a table.  Thus, we ended up here around 1 p.m. for lunch.

To my slight disappointment, there weren’t too many hot dishes to choose from for a dine-in lunch (although I can’t blame them if they are primarily a dessert house).  We thus chose a teppan (sizzling plate) to share (similar to the ones that the now defunct Aka Teppan had).  We chose the Teppan Curry Beef with Rice one.

Teppan Curry Beef with Rice

Teppan Curry Beef with Rice. $11.99

I placed the order at the counter and I was pleasantly surprised that our dish was served to us very quickly.  I was a little disappointed with the quality of this dish.  The portion of Teppan Curry Beef with Rice was good enough for one person.  The curry sauce was thick and tasted good and wasn’t spicy.  However, the rolls of beef on the plate were the lower quality kind and didn’t taste too good when heated up on the plate.  The rice was a little chewy so I had to make sure to chew down everything before swallowing.  Overall, this was a very mediocre dish.  The photos of their sizzling dishes look so much better on the menu than in real life…

Fresh Mango with Taro Balls in Special Mango Juice

Fresh Mango with Taro Balls in Special Mango Juice. $6.99

After our hot dish, we ordered a dessert to share.  We got the “Fresh Mango with Taro Balls in Special Mango Juice”.  Again, this was served to us very quickly.  (I’m not sure at all what the “special” part of the mango juice means…) XD

I was impressed with the taro balls that were submerged in this dessert.  The taro balls were probably the best I’ve ever had!  They were very smooth and moist and had a slight hint of taro flavour in them.  This dessert also contained very small amounts of sago (pitiful), chunks of fresh mango, and Nicole was able to find a tangerine slice too.  The mango juice was very sweet (this meant it wasn’t watered down at all).

taro ball in mango dessert

Close-up of the taro ball

Overall, I was very underwhelmed with Sweet O’clock.  My opinion is that the food quality here was very subpar and not what I expected at all.

(Nicole made a good point also that they should publish a new menu because many of the items on the existing menu were labelled either “discontinued” or “coming soon”. XD)

Sweet O'clock teppan menu

The “teppan” page of the menu where you can see several unavailable items

During the time that we were dining in, there were only two other tables of customers dining in.  By the time we left, there was no one else in the restaurant…  I think that is a sign of their popularity.  (Their washroom is located upstairs — the upper level has more seating too.)

Ah, well.  There are many more restaurants in this vicinity of Yonge and Finch to explore. 🙂

Sweet O'clock seating

Empty restaurant when we left

Sweet O'clock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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