Chefs Plate: Pork Bruschetta Burgers

Pork Bruschetta Burgers with Provolone Cheese and a Field Green Salad

Pork Bruschetta Burgers with Provolone Cheese and a Field Green Salad

November 14, 2017:  I’ve ordered so many meals from Chefs Plate now that I’m going to stop keeping count.  For this order, we made Pork Bruschetta Burgers with Provolone Cheese and a Field Green Salad!  This had a difficulty level of “easy” and a prep time of 25 minutes.

This recipe really was very simple and straight-forward to prepare.  I remember in my first Chefs Plate recipe that I tried that seemed so difficult but now these easy ones really are so straight-forward.

I hadn’t had a homemade burger for a while so this choice was an easy one for me when I was ordering it on the website. 🙂

Pork Bruschetta Burgers package

What they send you

Pork Bruschetta Burgers ingredients

All the ingredients and recipe card

Pork Bruschetta Burgers recipe card

Recipe card

Pork Bruschetta Burgers nutrition information

Nutrition information

First, as usual, wash and slice up all the produce according to the directions in the recipe card.

 red onion cutting

Chop up the red onion

 produce chopped up

Red onion, tomatoes, and basil chopped up

ground pork with seasoning

Mixing up the ground pork with seasoning

Prepare the lean ground pork by mixing it with the breadcrumbs (primarily used to soak up a bit of the moisture so that the burger patty wouldn’t be too wet), Tuscan Spice Mix (made of dried oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder), and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Squeeze and form them into two equal sized burgers and bake for 12 to 15 minutes in the oven.

 pork patties ready for the oven

The recipe calls for a parchment lined baking sheet but we used tin foil instead

Meanwhile, cook the bruschetta!  Cook the red onions first until they’re soft.  Then add the Roma tomatoes and half of the red wine vinegar.  Keep cooking until everything is very soft.  Then, turn off the heat and stir in the basil as well as some salt and pepper.

red onion and tomatoes in pan

Cook the red onion and tomatoes until soft

red onion and tomatoes cooking in pan

See how soft it becomes?

red onion and tomatoes cooking in pan

Adding the basil after it’s been removed from heat

Halfway there!

Once the burgers are done, add the provolone cheese on top of it to felt it.  It was cool to see the slice of cheese take immediately to the hot burger and melt right away.  We also saved oven rack space by putting in the two brioche burger buns next to the burgers to toast.

Lastly, prepare the salad by tossing the baby field greens with the Dijon mustard, the remaining red wine vinegar, and 2 teaspoons of oil (I used olive oil ).

 Field green salad

Tossing the salad

All done!  See, I told you this recipe was super simple.

The first bites of this meal were delicious!!  The pork patty was so soft and tender and flavourful!  The cheese was thoroughly melted too.  The saucy bruschetta on top of the burger made for a very juicy burger.

Pork Bruschetta Burgers two servings

Serves two

The field green salad was very refreshing and paired so well with the meaty burger.

Pork Bruschetta Burgers with Provolone Cheese and a Field Green Salad

Yummy pork burger with salad!

While this meal was very wholesome and tasty, I do recommend eating the burger quickly.  I found that while the toasted brioche buns were perfect and delicious (soft and fluffy), as a slow eater, it becomes mushy fast.  Also, when you eat it slowly, the pork patty becomes harder by the minute (not as soft and tender as it is when it first comes out of the oven).  If you are a fast eater and can gobble all this down in less than five minutes, then you’re golden and don’t have to worry about my slow-eater concerns.  XD

Thanks for another great meal, Chefs Plate!  If you want to receive four free plates to try it yourself, click this link!  (Or go to and enter the special promo code “#freeplatesfromstenoodie” when you check out.

Happy eating and cooking! 😀

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  1. Bruchetta Burgers! That sounds fun – I’ve never had them before but I reckon the tomato would flavour the meat perfectly. Great post!


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