Hotel Review: Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant located at 86 John St in Port Hope, Ontario

March 17, 2018:  Thanks to the Municipality of Port Hope, I was treated to a weekend getaway to explore the sights and sounds of this small town.  I stayed at the Carlyle Hotel & Restaurant (86 John St, Port Hope) for one night.  This is a hotel review chronicling my experience while at the hotel.  

Hotel Carlyle was built back in 1857 and later purchased by a doctor.  The owner gave us the keys to our room and gave us a brief history lesson about the hotel.  Our room was #6 and located on the second floor.  She patiently walked us through the room on how to turn on the heater, the TV, how to reach her if we needed to, and the wifi password.  At the time we were visiting, they were renovating their restaurant so unfortunately we weren’t able to try their dining this time.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant side view

Side view

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant foyer

Their little foyer was so cute!

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant terraniums

Love their hanging terraniums

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant terranium

Precious plant enjoying the sunlight

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant dining room

A glimpse of their dining room under construction

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant room

What a magnificent room!

Our room was a beautiful space with a bedroom and desk area and the bathroom.  It faced a rustic church and dentist’s office and postal office on John Street.  What I was most impressed by was how old this building was but yet the hotel had been renovated and renewed over the years that I couldn’t tell it had that many years under its belt.  It was a clean, solid, and beautiful room.  I loved the king size bed that was so comfy.  I was sound asleep upon hitting the pillow and slept without waking up at all that night.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant bedroom

King sized bed

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant room

TV behind the dresser cabinet doors

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant room

Adjoining room leads to the bathroom

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant room

Open TV

I really liked their heater.  When you turned it on, it lit up to reveal the backing of a faux fireplace and golden flickering embers.  It was mesmerising and gave more character to the room too.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant electric heater

Electric heater!

I liked that there was an open closet area and there were books on a shelf attached to the desk.  It really felt like a home instead of the usual standard hotel room.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant closet

Open closet with full-length mirror

The bathroom was standard with a tub and shower and clean and befitted fluffy thick towels.  I liked the shelf in the bathroom that held some water glasses and towels.  I looked so rustic and fit in with the overall look of the hotel.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant bathroom


There was also a Keurig coffee machine available with two cute square mugs and coffee capsules.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant coffee

Coffee maker on top of drawer

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant second floor map

Map of the second floor

When we checked out the next day, we simply left our keys on the desk as there was no one manning the front desk area.  I loved this characteristic hotel and how comfortable the stay was.

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant keys

Key for the room and key for the front door. Such a smart keychain for the room!

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant hallway


A little thing to note was that the volume on the TV was quite faint even when we turned it up to the maximum level and the shower lever in the bathroom indicated opposing temperatures (the ‘hot’ side released cold water and the ‘cold’ side released hot water).

If you stay in Port Hope, I recommend Hotel Carlyle for a comfortable and restful stay. 🙂  Hotel Carlyle is just minutes walking to the downtown Port Hope area, the Ganaraska River to watch the spring and autumn salmon migration, and close to a bar, restaurants, shops, and more. 🙂  Thank you again for having us!

More photos:

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant foyer

The foyer had a small computer area too

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant foyer

Such an inviting space!

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant notes

Notes on the door

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant entrance


Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant

Historic hotel

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant history

Hotel’s history

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant

Lots of parking available on-site

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant window views

Sunrise seen from window

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant window views

Other view looking onto street

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant window views

The church faced our room directly

FTC Disclaimer:  Although the Municipality of Port Hope reached out and invited me to a complimentary stay to promote the businesses in Port Hope, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the Municipality or businesses.


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