Cafe Bon Bon in Tai Kok Tsui

January 17, 2019:
We had actually attempted to dine at this restaurant called 車品品 (Cafe Bon Bon) three times before we finally were able to try it. (The first time had a long line-up which we didn’t want to wait for. The second and third times were when it was closed on Mondays.)
Apparently they were advertised in the travel booklet for having $52 HKD abalone (around $8 – 9 CAD) and good imitation shark fin soups.

When we got there on a Thursday evening at 9:40 p.m. for a late dinner, I was surprised that there was still a line-up outside the storefront. We decided to wait anyway. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for a table.
Their restaurant has a long narrow side of tables facing the kitchen and then a smaller dining room with about four tables. I quickly learned that the female server/owner was very quirky and upbeat friendly. She was the highlight to the experience and gave colour to the otherwise dark and small restaurant.
Their menu consisted of three separate order sheets. It was all in Chinese characters so I’m not sure how tourists would order their food. Perhaps they have an English menu? The menu was also a bit messy because some if it was handwritten and some of it was typed. The disorganization and choices overwhemled me.
We ended up ordering the abalone, the shark fin soup with and without fish maw, and then a small “ma spicy noodles”.
Service was a bit slow here, but I expected that after noticing that in an online review.
The abalone was the size of a ball tennis ball and tasted good. It was served cold. For this price, it definitely was a steal.
The two bowls of imitation shark fin soups were the same with the exception of one having fish maw and the other one without. The name was a bit misleading for the bowls otherwise we could have just ordered one type to try.
Taste-wise, it was pretty good and chock full of black fungus and other ingredients. There were some pieces of meat that were difficult to chew.
The “ma spicy” noodle was a tiny portion costing only $22 HKD. It was literally like a side dish. I am glad it turned out to be a small portion because it was so spicy! I didn’t end up finishing it because I really couldn’t handle the spice. If I had had a bowl of rice served alongside, it would have been a good complement to soak up the “ma spice”.
In the past, I’ve tried and greatly enjoyed “ma la spice”. This kind of spice is a numbing kind of spice. The “ma” is the numbing part while the “la” is the spicy part. These noodles made my lips numb. 😂 After the first few strands of noodles, I had to rest to recuperate before eating more. If my lips were numb like that after eating a few strands, I couldn’t imagine how my poor stomach and intestines would cope with the numbing effect. That’s another reason why I didn’t decide to finish the full portion.
It was getting late and I didn’t want to eat too much. I’m glad I got to try these unique items at 車品品. Next time, I want to try their “custom choose-your-own noodles” and the foie gras noodle.

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6 Responses to Cafe Bon Bon in Tai Kok Tsui

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Wow! Dinner at 9:40pm!?!?! I’m surprised!

    • stenoodie says:

      Yo, you have to go back and like and comment on my other posts too! You can’t cheat and start from here lol 😛

      • gchan7127 says:

        lol it takes too long! It would take me another hour to re-read all your posts. -_-” But I promise I won’t read on my phone anymore so you will be notified every time I read. Haha. If I click LIKE, it means I have read it. ❤

      • stenoodie says:

        I’m not asking you to re-read them, silly! Just to go back and click “like” for those posts and if there was something you remember specifically about that post to then make a comment. Come on, it’s like you didn’t even read those to me.

      • gchan7127 says:

        Ok I will go back to like next time when I read on the laptop

    • stenoodie says:

      That’s what happens when you have a full day of activities in Hong Kong! Lol

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