Italian Sandwiches at La Prosciutteria Firenze in Florence, Italy

La Prosciutteria Firenze sandwiches

La Prosciutteria Firenze located at Via dei Neri, 54r, 50122 Firenze in FIorence, Italy

September 10, 2018:  Starving stomachs brought us to La Prosciutteria Firenze where we had two of their feature sandwiches.  This place is all about sandwiches, proscuitto, and cold cuts!  (I actually didn’t know how to order at first since it wasn’t a regular sit-down restaurant and thus didn’t have any table service.  The self-service sign eventually told me their concept — you order, eat, and pay.)

There was indeed a strong smell of meats as we walked in (do not bring your vegetarian friends here).  They have cured meats hanging all around the deli counter and also in the fridge as well.  It was quite a local haunt for Italian prosciutto sandwiches!

La Prosciutteria Firenze menu and prices


La Prosciutteria Firenze self-service


La Prosciutteria Firenze interior

Kitchen at the front and dining room inside

La Prosciutteria Firenze meats

Lots of cold cuts and meats in their fridge

La Prosciutteria Firenze deli worker

Preparing our sandwiches

La Prosciutteria Firenze breads

Fresh bread

La Prosciutteria Firenze kitchen

Proscuitto gigante di troia on the bread

pecorino fresco

Pecorino fresco cheese for us to taste while watching!



The Sandwich of the Day was quite good with ham, cheese, and an olive spread on the bread (fesa di tacchino, salsa di carciofi menta e lime, pecorino fresco).  It was simple but tasty.

La Prosciutteria Firenze sandwich of the day

Sandwich of the day. €5
-fesa di tacchino, salsa di carciofi menta e lime, pecorino fresco

La Prosciutteria Firenze sandwiches

Bellino Sandwich and the Sandwich of the Day

Bellino Sandwich

Bellino Sandwich. €6,50
-prosciutto gigante di troia, pecorino fresco, insalata

My Bellino Sandwich used smoked ham (proscuitto gigante di troia) that was freshly shaved in front of us.  It also used the same type of cheese (pecorino fresco) as the other sandwich and some lettuce.  The deli guy was nice enough to give us each a piece of cheese too as we watched him assemble the sandwiches. 😀  It reminded me of the Montreal experience.

The Bellino Sandwich was way more fragrant and salty due to the proscuitto gigante di troia.  It required a lot of chewing since the ham was so fibrous and fatty.

La Prosciutteria Firenze interior

Very cozy and local dining spot. No tourists!

La Prosciutteria Firenze storefront


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