Crepes at La Milkeria in Florence, Italy

La Milkeria crepes

La Milkeria located at Borgo degli Albizi, 87, 50122 Firenze in FIorence, Italy

September 9, 2018:  We dined at La Milkeria where their crepes were a standout according to some online reviews.

La Milkeria was a small and cute Parisan style café that served gelato and pastries too.

Surprising, although we were still within the touristy parts of the city (walking distance from the Uffizi), they had no English menu and everything was in Italian.  

La Milkeria interior

Super cute café

La Milkeria gelato

Gelato bar

I tried my best to Google translate the menu items but ultimately we ended up with mystery items.

La Milkeria menu and prices

Menu 1

La Milkeria menu and prices

Menu 2

La Milkeria menu and prices

Menu 3

La Milkeria menu and prices

Menu 4


Espresso. €1,10

Ken’s crepe (Zucchero e limone crepe) turned out to be a “sugar and lemon” crepe (I thought it said zucchini and lemon XD).  It was quite good actually and the crepe was super thin.

 zucchero e limone crepe

Crepe ~ zucchero e limone. €4
-sugar and lemon crepe

I ordered the “piadine di kamut” without knowing what it was.  I chose the prosciutto cotto e formaggio and it turned out to be ham, cheese, and olives inside of a tortilla looking item.  When I Googled it afterwards, it seems to be a special kind of flour pastry.

proscuitto cotto e formaggio Piadine di kamut

Piadine di kamut ~ proscuitto cotto e formaggio. €5

proscuitto cotto e formaggio Piadine di kamut

A glimpse inside the thin pastry

La Milkeria receipt

The receipt

La Milkeria storefront


La Milkeria storefront crepe making

Watching crepes being freshly made outside the store



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