MOS Burger (Citylink Plaza, Shatin)

January 7, 2019:
This was my first time trying MOS Burger! Apparently, MOS Burger is a fast food chain hailing from Japan and after McDonald’s, it is the second largest fast food chain in Japan! Their name “MOS” stands for “Mountain, Ocean, Sun”.

We were in the Shatin Citylink Plaza and looking for a place to grab lunch. I decided to stop in since none of the other restaurants in the area appealed to me. It was a fast casual restaurant where you order your food at the counter, receive a table number, and choose a seat. The food would be delivered to your table when it was ready. After eating, you return the tray to the front counter.
We were there 5 minutes before 11 a.m. and luckily still able to order from their Breakfast Menu before it expired. We got the Fish Burger which came with a drink (chose the Corn Soup). I also wanted to try their original choices so I ordered the Wagyu Burger with Demi-glace sauce. I made this a combo set by choosing to add the Hokkaido Croquettes and Onion Soup. I was excited to try these out. 😀
It didn’t take too long for the hot piping items to be delivered to our table. The two burgers were wrapped in waxed paper and nestled in a woven basket. The two soups were poured into a soft fuzzy coffee-cup like containers instead of a bowl (small plastic spoons were provided too but this gave you the option of drinking soup like a drink in your hand).
Upon digging into the Fish Burger, I realized that the Croquette was omitted from our tray. I went to the counter to inquire about the missing item and was informed that it was still in the fryer and would be served when it was ready (which it was shortly after). 😏
The Fish Burger was a big piece of fried fillet with a thin square slice of sauce, a very generous goop of mayonnaise between two soft shiny buns. It was so soft and the burger tasted pretty good. My mom noticed specks of diced onions within the burger too.
The Wagyu Burger was hot in my hand even between the waxed paper. The Demi-glace sauce was also generously slathered between the beef patty, lettuce, and buns. The patty was sooo soft and moist like meatloaf. It was very saucy and rich. After a few bites, I felt full too. It was definitely a good idea to share this burger.
The Hokkaido Croquette was nicely fried. The potato inside was smooth and moist. It was all right though.
The two soups were so comforting! The Corn Soup was fully blended and thus didn’t have any corn pieces in it. It was so warm and comforting. My mom mentioned it was akin to the hot corn soup cans available at Japanese vending machines, which was so true.
The Onion Soup actually had onion pieces in every sip of the otherwise clear broth. It was so fragrant and tasty. 😀
I’m so glad I got to try this popular Japanese burger franchise! 😀


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