Genki Sushi in Shatin

Genki Sushi Shatin

Genki Sushi located at Sha Tin, Wang Pok St, 好運中心3樓183號舖 Lucky Plaza Fung Lam Court in Hong Kong

January 7, 2019:

Conveyor belt sushi!!! 😀  I’ve been wanting to try this out! 😀

After my facial at the Shatin Lucky Plaza, I remember passing by this conveyor belt sushi restaurant and decided to come in for dinner.  I didn’t realize it was Genki Sushi until we actually stepped in (oops, also forgot to take a picture of the storefront).  Genki Sushi (元氣壽司) is a Japanese-based chain.  I had dinner here probably a decade ago back before they had conveyor belt sushi.

Genki Sushi conveyor belt sushi

First glimpse of Genki Sushi

I was so excited to try this dining experience where you order food and it comes to you via a small toy train on rails!  I’d only seen it in online videos up to this point.

We got seated right away (lucky we arrived at 5:40 p.m. for dinner).  In front of us were a tray of condiments (green tea powder, soy sauce, seasoning, wasabi, and pickled ginger), a tap for hot water, an iPad for ordering, and the train rails!

Genki Sushi iPad ordering

You take the iPads down to place an order

Genki Sushi self-serve

Everything is self-serve

Soy sauce, green tea powder, wasabi, and pickled ginger

Soy sauce, green tea powder, wasabi, and pickled ginger. The pickled ginger was good!

hot water

Hot water at your disposal

Genki Sushi trains

Two lines of trains

Genki Sushi iPads

iPads at each seat

The ordering system was organized via food categories.  There was a good assortment of sushi, rolls, handrolls, hot items, udon, don, and desserts.  Immediately seeing a sea urchin sushi, I ordered it right away.  You can almost never go wrong to eating sea urchin in Asia.  It’s 90% of the time fresh!

The Sea Urchin Gunkan was yummy but I gobbled it up too quickly to really enjoy the taste, so I ended up ordering a second order for myself. 😀  (Gunkan sushi is Japanese cuisine consisting of the basic ingredients – rice and nori seaweed accompanied by salmon, sea urchin or flying fish roe.)

Sea Urchin Gunkan

Sea Urchin Gunkan

Sea Urchin Gunkan

Sea Urchin Gunkan. $25 HKD each

We had 8 different varieties in all.  The Seared Black Pepper Oyster was sooo soft and tender.  How do they prepare oysters to taste this good?  Usually, oysters are so chewy at the edges.

sashimi on sushi train

My sashimi has arrived!

sushi on sushi train

Full train!

Genki Sushi plates


Seared Black Pepper Oyster

Seared Black Pepper Oyster. $10 HKD each

The Assorted Sashimi was amazing.  The salmon sashimi was thick cut and juicy (just the way I like it), the scallop was delicate and moist, and the surf clam so sweet. 😍

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Sashimi. $50 HKD

The Steamed Whelk sushi was another new one.  The whelk was so tender and flavourful!

Steamed Whelk sushi

Steamed Whelk sushi. $14 HKD

The Tuna with Yuzu Pepper sushi was pretty good.  The highlight was the yuzu pepper on top of the tuna.

Tuna with Yuzu Pepper sushi

Tuna with Yuzu Pepper sushi. $19 HKD

The Seared Salmon sushi was actually only slightly seared along its edge.  It was still good.  I think what made all of these so tasty was because of the sushi rice.  It was just perfect.

 Seared Salmon sushi

Seared Salmon sushi. $17 HKD

I enjoyed my second Sea Urchin Gunkan very much (though I have to say the scent of the sea urchin was a bit more subdued than what I’ve had before).

 Sea Urchin Gunkan

Sea Urchin Gunkan

Lastly, we finished off with an Eel and Cheese Roll.  The cheese was more obvious than the eel here.  The taste of the sesame seeds actually stuck out more to me.  It came with a packet of sweet sauce.

Eel and Cheese Roll

Eel and Cheese Roll. $22 HKD

Throughout the eating, I anticipated every time the little trains moved in front of us to deliver their tasty precious cargo to their designated diner.  The trains moved faster than I thought and before I knew it sometimes, our order was already in front of me.  The sushi chefs in the back of the house sure worked fast to get everyone’s orders out.  Especially as it got closer to the end of our stay, the orders were constant (it was prime dinner time).  It was so fun to watch the little toy trains.

After you removed your plate(s) from the train, you would press the flashing yellow button on the top to send the train back.  I almost wished the trains would emit a sound just before they leave the kichen so that the customer knows to expect their food.  The trains were just so efficient and speedy! 😂

Also, the iPads emitted a cute sound every time you pressed it too.  It was very ‘Japanese’.

I’m so glad we got to try this! (Still only the first full day in Hong Kong 😂)

Travel tip:  I’d say don’t expect to be super full from this place unless you plan to spend a fortune on the little plates of food.  It’s more about the appeal and experience of ordering from the iPads and having trains deliver your food.  It’s best to order a few select dishes to try out the experience and then go elsewhere for dinner/lunch part 2 (which is what we did).

Genki Sushi iPad

You can check what you ordered at any time

Genki Sushi plates

The damage XD

Genki Sushi interior

Lots of seating but does fill up quickly during dinner time

Genki Sushi bill



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  2. gchan7127 says:

    Wow! The train moves so fast! How would you know it’s your order??

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