Congee and Rice Rolls at 新海粥品

January 7, 2019:

After the relatively small meal at Genki Sushi, we followed up with some simple congee and greens at 新海粥品, which was nearby our place. Another congee place, Master Congee, ranks better in terms of reviews and ratings but I had dined at Master Congee before and wanted to try another place.

(In fact, I noticed that there was a wait line at Master Congee and I wouldn’t have wanted to wait for a table anyway.)

新海粥品 is as nondescript and typical as most congee restaurants or HK style cafes go in HK. There’s really not much difference in terms of decor for these restaurants.
We ordered a fish congee, plain rice noodles, and a plate of steamed veggies.
The grass carp fish belly congee (鮮鯇魚腩粥) had good chunks of fish belly meat (with long bones, so be careful) but the congee itself was a bit on the watery side for my taste. The carp fish was also a bit rough and not as smooth as it could be.
The rice noodles were a disappointment. They weren’t silky smooth as good ones should be.
The greens was also a bit overcooked.
Without trying these mediocre restaurants, you won’t appreciate the good ones.

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