Little Noodle Shop in Mong Kok

January 12, 2019:

We passed by this tiny shop (小麵站) selling noodles on the street in Mong Kok and I was instantly intrigued and wanted to try it. There were a good number of other people crowding around and taking an interest at the shop too. The little bowls of noodles in the fridge looked so appealing. They sold hot soup noodles too with various toppings. Apparently, their noodles were $30 HKD and up only. We decided to try.

I chose the fish balls and turnip with noodles in soup. While my mom put in the order with the owner at the front, I grabbed us a table and two stools at the side of the shop. It’s basically a dai pai dong. There were only a few tables and chairs and the tables were all shared communally.
The bowl of noodles was then served to us by the owner when it was ready. To my surprise, the bowl of noodles was quite substantial and tasted good. The broth was clear and tasted so unami that I was sure there was a lot of MSG in it (surprisingly, I didn’t feel thirsty later so perhaps there wasn’t any MSG after all? 🤔).
The rice noodles were not too hard and were perfect for my liking. I really enjoyed these! The fish balls were all right. I finished all of the broth.
While in the middle of finishing this bowl, I also wanted to try the cold spicy noodles in the fridge so we did. It was only only $12 HKD! Granted, it was smaller in size but it satisfied my craving and curiosity. It was cold yellow noodles with a ma la spicy sauce. It was so good!
It was a nice mid-day snack shop to pop in for a bowl of noodles and nice to eat outside too. It was about 20 degrees outside and breezy.  I can’t imagine how uncomfortable and unbearably hot it would be to eat there in the Hong Kong summer time though..  A lot of people asked for the noodles to be take-out orders, with each one put in a small plastic bag and wooden chopsticks.

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