Dinner at Maxim’s Palace (Sha Tin)

January 16, 2019:

We had dinner at Maxim’s Palace (美心集團). The last time I was here was also for dinner and dim sum back in the autumn of 2016. The place hadn’t changed at all. It’s one of the biggest restaurants I can recall dining in while in Hong Kong. The space is akin to the area at the old Red Ruby restaurant in Toronto. Their rent must be astronomical considering every inch of Hong Kong is so valuable.

When we arrived and were given the table, we made sure to decline the small appetizers that supposedly are complimentary but end up costing you when the bill comes. This tidbit came from experience.
We ordered seven dishes here to share. It was primarily a set menu for four and then we added some other dishes onto it, which was a better deal than ordering the dishes separately.
The yellow skin chicken was delicious. The skin was so thick and fatty which meant that the actual meat was super moist and tender. Chicken cooked like this in Hong Kong just tastes fresher.
There was a stir fried shrimp with veggies.
The boiled spinach with fish meat and Golgi berries in soup. It was very “ching” and good.
There was a bowl of fish maw soup for each person.
There was a seafood vegetable stew pot, similar to the one we had a few days ago. This stew pot was smaller though.
A dish I’ve never tried before was the baked egg with fish guts. The baked egg had a flakey crusted top.
There was a steamed fish as well. This wasn’t as Hong Kong fresh as I expected.
One of the food runners was a bit careless and when serving the fish maw soup, accidentally spilled some on my uncle. He apologized and tried to clean it up but half the bowl was gone. They didn’t follow up with an extra portion even though it was their fault that they spilled it.

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