Hamaru Sushi at Leslie and York Mills

 Hamaru Sushi sushi boat

Hamaru Sushi located at 1865 Leslie St in North York

March 24, 2019:  After our Paint Nite event next door, we headed over to Hamaru Sushi at 4 p.m. for a really early dinner.  The online ratings for this small Japanese restaurant at a strip plaza next to a CIBC were very high and thus worth checking out to fix a sushi craving.

 Hamaru Sushi storefront

It’s located in a non-descript and old strip plaza

Not surprising as it was so early for dinner service (and late for lunch service), we were one of the only ones here when we walked into Hamaru Sushi.  We decided to order the small boat set which included 21 pieces of sashimi, 20 pieces of sushi, and 8 pieces of maki to share.  I love ordering sushi boats because there’s so much variety and the presentation is always pretty! 😀

 Hamaru Sushi menu cover

Menu cover

 Hamaru Sushi drink menu and prices

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – soup, salad, sashimi and sushi appetizers

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – sushi pizza, appetizers

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – special rolls

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – Maki, sushi a la carte

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – dinner, udon, donburi

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – dinner combinations, sushi/sashimi/maki sets

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Menu – bento box specials

 Hamaru Sushi menu and prices

Sashimi, sushi, maki boat combos

First, we were served a small complimentary bowl of soup noodles (I believe it’s called “SoMyun Soup“).  I always enjoy these “noodle crunch soup” where the noodles are thin, the soup is umami, and there’s little pieces of floating tempura bits which are soggy yet crunchy.  There are many other restaurants that also serve this exact noodle soup appetizer complimentarily before the meal.

SoMyun Soup

Complimentary SoMyun Soup
-thin Japanese noodles in fish broth

 Sashimi Sushi and Maki Boat

Sashimi Sushi and Maki Boat (small). $49.95
-21 pieces of assorted sashimi, 20 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi, 8 pieces of Dynamite Roll

Not long after ordering, our small Sashimi Sushi and Maki Boat arrived!  It was beautiful! 😀  There were various pieces of sashimi, sushi, and the maki roll was a Dynamite Roll.  Yummy!

The cuts of salmon sashimi were nice and thick — exactly the way I like them.

It’s best to eat all the items sooner rather than later because the longer they sit in the boat and warm up to room temperature, the items don’t taste half as good as when they’re freshly brought out.

The wasabi here wasn’t too spicy and melted too easily into the soy sauce.  We were stuffed by the end but we ended up finishing the entire boat of fish and rice (49 items in total!). 😀

Sashimi Sushi and Maki Boat (small)


At the end, we were given complimentary ice cream as well!  There was a choice between vanilla or green tea ice cream.  I chose the former while my friend chose the latter.

Complimentary vanilla ice cream

Complimentary vanilla ice cream

 Hamaru Sushi interior

It’s so pretty inside!

This was a really great and solid Japanese restaurant for sushi and sashimi! 🙂

The decor of Hamaru Sushi was also nice.  It reminded me immediately of Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Markham where they also have tables in the middle of the restaurant with private rooms on both sides of the restaurant.  I wonder if the two restaurants are related in any way.

Hamaru Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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