Today’s steno jobS

Today was a hectic day.

First, we started off with the penalty hearing of the below job.  Normally I don’t disclose the cases that I work on for privacy reasons but this is a public record and the main premise was even published in the Toronto Sun today.  You can click it to read about it.

(There was a news reporter in the public gallery of our hearing yesterday.. and today.)

While I do think the allegations are serious and content disturbing, I think the media emphasizing the key points make it sound so much more dramatic than when I was reporting on the case. XD  Also, maybe I just tend to downplay things too ;p.

After I was done this case, as I packed up to leave, I was requested to attend an arbitration at the office since they needed a reporter immediately.  Funny that they couldn’t wait and I ended up swapping with Jenn’s seats.

My first arbitration hearing at the office!  So fancy with all the mics and the overall setup in the room. 😀

 Toronto arbitration

Toronto arbitration

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